Sakajo daughter group at the German Dairy Show 2019 on June 27th 2019

Bull: Sakajo 571874 (Sargeant x Bookem x Man-O-Man)

RSH selected daughters of the Sargeant son Sakajo for the progeny group presentation. He descends via Bookem x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn from a deep Canadian cow family impressing with longevity, best protein percentages and especially highest functionality in many generations. A daughter group of three heifers was presented in Oldenburg.


Dairy type:

The Sakajo daughters had medium dairy type.


The young, medium-sized animals had level to sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

The animals moved on good feet and legs of sufficient rear leg angle and also had very good hoof health.


Highly and firmly attached udders with longer teats were a highlight.

The farmer can expect a Sakajo daughter to be a very functional, calm free stall barn cow with good will to milk. Sakajo can also be used on heifers.

Sakajo daughter group at the German Dairy Show 2019