Bonum daughter group at the German Dairy Show 2019 on June 27th 2019

Bull: Bonum 823160 (Balisto x Epic x Garrett)

Balisto son Bonum descends from the cow family of Shuttle and still has genomic breeding values. However we are looking forward to his first daughter proven breeding value in August. A daughter group of three heifers was presented in Oldenburg.


Dairy type:

The Bonum daughters had good dairy type.


The animals showed adequate body depth and strength. In addition, they had well-sloped and wide rumps.

Feet and legs:

Dry and clean feet and legs enabled fluent locomotion of the young cows.


Due to high and wide udders with optimal teat placement this bull can especially be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems.

Bonum is an all-rounder at the highest level. Offering the combination of robustness, high milk production and functional udders, breeders looking to positively influence their herd’s strength and resistibility should chose Bonum.

Bonum daughter group at the German Dairy Show 2019