Successful premiere of the German Dairy Show

With a new show concept and a great variety of breeds, the first German Dairy Show took place on June 26th and 27th 2019. Many breeders interested in shows and visitors from Germany and abroad came to Oldenburg.

Supreme champion election

On occasion of the show not only the national Holstein and Red Holstein champions were elected. For the first time also other breeds were presented in Oldenburg in order to find the grand champion among them. More than 240 dairy cows of six different dairy breeds attended the show in order to finally elect the first supreme champion of all breeds.

The German Dairy Show – as successor event of the German Holstein Show – started on Wednesday with a premiere: For the first time cows of the breeds Brown Swiss, Angler, Jersey and Fleckvieh were judged. This tough decision was made by the judges Ernst Grabner (Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh) and Thomas Hannen (Jersey and Red cattle). The cows were judged in two rings at the same time. The old cow classes were separated by lifetime productions which also has not been done here before.

More than the half of the attendees were daughters of the sires of our members in the young Brown Swiss class with cows having one or two calvings. They also ranked from one to four. Jucator daughter Uganda owned by R. Thoenes & A. Kuppel won ahead of the three Puck daughters Tatjana, Emmi and Annegret. Among the cows with three or more calvings Fuchsi (s. Erafax) owned by the Bernhard Fuchs GbR dominated two progeny of Payssli, Nadin and Kolibri. There was more to come for Fuchsi that day. When the best Brown Swiss cows lined up for the champion’s election, the judge chose her ahead of the young champion Uganda and awarded her the Brown Swiss grand champion title.

Brown Swiss grand champion: Erafax daughter Fuchsi

Brown Swiss champions' ceremony: Fuchsi s. Erafax and Uganda s. Jucator

The Fleckvieh cows competed against each other in four age classes. Among the heifers, Hutera daughter Kolumbi ranked on the second place for her owner Alois Josef Kramer. Among the intermediate category Manuap daughter Ratina owned by Matthias Rechner won ahead another progeny of Hutera, Lopez. Estella (s. Manton) owned by the Habermehl GbR stood out in the senior class (cows with three to five calves) and won ahead of the Odin daughter Passion. The cows in the last class had four and more calvings. Ernst Grabner chose Zora (s. Valot), Isa (s. Dexpeg) and Imposium daughter Messalina behind the later grand champion of the breed, Bluete. Ratina became reserve grand champion here.

Fleckvieh reserve grand champion: Ratina s. Manuap

There were also two red cattle and three Jersey classes. Among the old cows, Kollund daughter Rana (owner: Michael Petersen) dominated here ahead of Lina (s. Dragomir) and Raps (s. Haithabu). Rana and Lina were also in the same order during the grand champion election.

Jersey champion's ceremony

Red Cattle grand champion: Rana s. Kollund

The Black & White and Red & White heifers already had their big day on Wednesday. While Markus Mock who is famous internationally judged the Holstein classes, Andrea Uhrig judged the Red Holstein classes. In their particular classes, Red & White ST Alwine (s. Present) and Black & White VH Maryke (s. Dachs) ranked well in the middle field. The first day ended with the international breeders’ night where the visitors could also have a look at the progeny groups. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”.

The second day was all about Holstein and Red Holstein. The young classes with two calves were at the highest level. Among Red Holstein Mad Max daughter FG Natalie owned by Henrik Wille and Nutella (s. Godewind) from the barn of Jürgen Hobbie dominated their classes. FG Natalie became young Red Holstein champion, but she was about to achieve more that day.

Young champion and Red Holstein grand champion:
Mad Max daughter FG Natalie

Godewind did really well in Oldenburg once again after his successes in 2017: Not only his progeny group convinced, but his daughters also excelled in the show competition. SHo Jolina owned by Franz-Bernd Meyer was the first of her Holstein class. Godewind’s daughters Myrose and ZR Edelweiss – that also became progeny reserve champion – ranked third each.

Class champion: SHo Jolina s. Godewind

The “old Holstein ladies” with four and more calves presented themselves very vital and juvenile. Goldday daughter Goldrose owned by Johann Wolken especially did very well as she won her class. The owners of Candra (s. Laron P) and Finesse (s. Goldday) could be happy about their good achievements.

Class champion: Nutella s. Godewind

The grand champion elections were the highlights of the Holstein competitions. FG Natalie could not be defeated by her competitors today and was crowned with the Red Holstein grand champion title. The young champion Loh Tj Alessja became grand champion among the Holsteins.

The atmosphere in the hall was breathtaking when the four judges elected the supreme champion among the champions of the particular breeds. They finally decided for the Holstein grand champion Loh Tj Alessja.

Two successful show days ended in Oldenburg with this decision providing a very good show impression of German breeding across all breeds. We congratulate all breeders and owners that attended the show and wish all the best.

Reserve champion of the progeny groups: Godewind daughter ZR Edelweiss