Madorty daughter convinced at the national show in Estonia

The 30th national show of Estonia took place in the museum of agriculture in Ülenurme on June 28th 2019.


Several daughters of GGI-SPERMEX bulls could excel in the Estonian Red category. Fioola (Tartu Agro AS Rahinge), out of a Tableau dam, ranked first and Zubelino daughter Mustik (Kõpu PM OÜ) ranked third among the heifers.

Those two awards were also achieved among the young cows. Amongst others the Madorty daughters Marrola and Mirola owned by Tartu Agro AS Rahinge were sent to the ring in this class. They especially scored with their impressive udders. Marrola won this class while Mirola ranked third. Emdaru daughter Pääsu (Kõpu PM OÜ) won the third rank of the old class.

The young champion Maroola was awarded the Red Holstein grand champion title. Fioola became reserve champion here.

We are happy about such great achievements. Congratulations to the breeders and owners and we wish lots of success with genetics made in Germany in future!