Bull of the month June 2019: Gigabyte 573654

Gymnast x Silver x Model

07:45Age: 1 year
Category: Bulle des Monats

Putting Gigabyte in the spotlight in June 2019 he is a Gymnast son who scores with an outstandingly balanced profile. The son out of the family of GMB VAL Blackstar Jean EX 94 with the sire line-up VG 86 Silver X VG 85 Model x VG 88 Man-O-Man x VG 89 Goldwyn x EX 90 Durham x EX 94 Val B Blackstar Jean literally convinces for all traits.

He combines his high production capability with excellent conformation. Highlights here are especially the remarkable udder transmission with longer teats as desired and wide, sloped rumps. Offering also clearly above average breeding values for longevity, udder health and maternal calving ease he promises healthy animals with best conformation and strong will to milk. In addition, Gigabyte’s health breeding values – nearly positive in every aspect – measure up to those expectations.

Considering also that Gigabyte can definitely be recommended for use on farms using automatic milking systems (AMS) and transmits beta casein A2/A2, nothing gets in the way of using this all-rounder.

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