Laudan – still popular

Laudan is one of the most important German bulls who already enjoyed great national and international popularity in his lifetime and still today.

Laudan daughter Seinep (4th lact.)

Even though genomics clearly sped up breeding and bull use, several bulls – whose time was far before genomics – still shape Holstein breeding strongly.

One of them is the white Lukas son Laudan. His breeding value includes almost 70,000 registered daughters in Germany and more than 13,000 female progeny worldwide. One of them is “Seinep”. She is housed in Mexico being in fourth lactation with a current daily production of more than 100 kg milk. A peak which can only be reached if optimal genetic basis, perfect management and feeding conditions are combined perfectly.

The combination of efficiency and conformation is embodied by Laudan in a very special way. He currently has RZN 110 which is remarkable for a bull born in 1998. Compared to bulls of the same age he is still on rank No.2 by RZG. The new health breeding values are all above 100!