Present daughter group at the RUW Heifer Show 2019 on March 20th 2019

Bull: Present 917580 (Perfect Aiko x Logan x Dominator)

The first daughters of the Perfect Aiko son Present are in milk now and he will get his first daughter proven breeding value in April. RUW presented a daughter group of six young heifers on occasion of the Heifer Show in Krefeld.


Dairy type:

The Present daughters presented themselves with medium dairy type.


The young animals were very functional, medium-sized of adequate width and with slightly sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

Having parallel set feet and legs and good hooves they moved fluently in the ring.


Their udders were highly attached and showed optimal teat placement of medium length.

Besides his functional conformation Present can also score with good milk production and positive components. Present also has beta casein A2/A2.