Basical daughter group at the RUW Heifer Show 2019 on March 20th 2019

Bull: Basical 681124 (Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man)

The Balisto son Basical was raised by the Lüpschen GbR in Lohmar and already was in high demand as pure genomic sire. On the dam’s side Basical descends from the family of Blackstar and belongs to the most frequently used bulls of the past few years. A daughter group of seven heifers was shown in Krefeld.


Dairy type:

The Basical daughters presented themselves with average dairy type.


Being medium-sized with good strength and body depth the animals were very uniform with correctly sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

Feet and legs had a good set and enabled excellent locomotion of the animals.


Udders were well-attached and this bull can be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems due to wide rear teat placement.

Basical is an absolute all-rounder having beta casein A2/A2. Furthermore, he can be used on heifers.