Bull of the month April 2019: Lumumba PP 924755

Lucky PP x Zumba P x Parma PP

07:53Age: 1 year
Category: Bulle des Monats
Lumumba PP

We are presenting you the Red & White homozygous polled sire Lumumba PP in April. The young Lucky PP son descends via the further sire line-up Zumba P x Parma PP x Laron P x Garrison x Jesther from the extremely successful family of Shottle Nikola EX 93. This family also brought a top-class sire among Black & White as well, Scipio.

Lumumba PP himself cannot only excel with the fact that he is homozygous polled, but also with high-class conformation with excellent udders and very good feet & legs. From a production-related point of view, good milk yield and positive protein percentages as well as really attractive breeding values in the functional field stand out.

Altogether Lumumba PP is a very complete sire promising easy calvings and having desired beta casein A2/A2.

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