Disanto daughter group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2019” on March 13th 2019

Bull: Disanto 151598 (Doorman x Dempsey x Xacobeo)

The Doorman son Disanto descends from the French Rosiere family. His dam, Hot Cherry, is a Dempsey daughter, classified “excellent”, out of a VG 88 Xacobeo daughter. A daughter group of six heifers was shown in Leer.


Dairy type:

The group was dairy.


The young animals presented themselves very framy, mainly dark with very good body width and strength in front of the audience. Rumps were mainly very correctly sloped and of very good width.

Feet and legs:

Feet and legs showed ideal angle and bone quality was occasionally influenced by Dempsey whereas the foot angle of the hooves and the daughters‘ locomotion have to be praised.


Udders were highly and firmly attached in the rear and carried by a strong suspensory ligament and, therefore, of very good quality. Teats tended to be positioned somewhat wider to the inside, but were of adequate length.

The quality of the animals presented was brought out by the fact that the heifer champion as well as the progeny reserve champion were Disanto daughters.

Disanto daughter group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2019”