Barcley daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2019” on February 2nd 2019

Bull: Barcley 619109 (Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man)

The pedigree of the Balisto son Barcley, descending from the outstanding Lookout Pesce Epic Hue, includes nine generations of cows classified VG or EX. As the former genomic No.1 he confirms his transmission power ranking second as daughter proven bull. A daughter group of six heifers was presented in Alsfeld.


Dairy type:

Having medium dairy type the Barcley daughters were still stylish.


The framy animals showed nice open ribs and had sufficient body depth and strength. Their rumps were level to slightly sloped.

Feet and legs:

Dry, parallel feet and legs with high foot angles enabled fluent locomotion of the young cows.


The highly and firmly plus well-textured udders were carried by a strong suspensory ligament. As expected, the teats were longer.

Barcley is an all-rounder at a top-class level. Besides the above-mentioned strengths for conformation he has good milk yield transmission with positive components and his daughters show great persistency. Barclay can be used on heifers.

Barcley daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2019”