Sinclair daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2018” on November 29th 2018

Bull: Sinclair 804345 (Shaw x Beacon x Goldwyn)

Shaw son Sinclair descends from the Tidy-Brook Elton Steph family and is a perfect sire for dairy farmers that wish to have medium-sized free stall barn cows with outstanding fitness and top-class persistency. A group of six daughters in first lactation was shown in Bismark.


Dairy type:

The Sinclair daughters tended to have rather medium to less dairy type.


Being medium-sized with lots of harmony, the very uniform, somewhat lighter animals presented themselves with good strength and body depth as well as strong top line and adequately sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

The cows excelled regarding locomotion having dry, parallel set and sufficiently angled feet and legs.


The udders scored with firm attachment, long, firm fore udders and good suspensory ligaments.

Having outstanding fitness, Sinclair shines for all traits. He is characterized by good milkability and fertility as well as good direct calving breeding values. A high BCS breeding value proves that the daughters do not lose that much substance. The group in the ring demonstrated this as well and the production of animals is often underestimated as they do not look that angular.