Bull of the month December 2018: Barcley 619109


Last but not least this year, we would like to introduce to you the Balisto son Barcley in our category “bull of the month”.

Barcley just got his first daughter proven breeding value and directly entered the top list by RZG on rank No.2. He descends via his dam, the world famous Lookout Pesce Epic Hue, from the Cookiecutter branch of the Dellias. He already was in very high demand as genomic sire and was used widely which will make the amount of daughters increase significantly in his breeding value in the April proof run.

Barcley transmits clearly above average component percentages with good milk yield. His conformation is very balanced as well, with strengths for feet and legs. Moreover, he tends to transmit longer teats as well. Another plus are his positive calving breeding values based on more than 6,000 calves born to date. That is why Barcley can be considered a reliable heifer bull.

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