Midas daughters on occasion of a progeny inspection tour by RinderAllianz on November 22nd and 23rd 2018

Bull: Midas 823112 (Model x Goldwyn x Duplex)

8 first calvers of the bull Midas were presented on occasion of a progeny inspection tour in the breeding area of RinderAllianz.


Dairy type:

Having a strong top line the Midas daughters presented themselves very harmonic and dairy.


They are cows of medium stature with development potential and average capacity. The medium-wide rumps varied a little regarding their slope which can be almost disregarded when looking at the good rump length. Through this, the thurl position convinced as well resulting in the highlight of this bull, feet and legs.

Feet and legs:

All of the animals excelled with parallel leg set, fine bone structure and very good locomotion – including average angle. The somewhat lower hoof angle should be mentioned.


The udders showed good veining as well as firm and medium-long fore udders. Moreover they had ideal teat placement both in the fore and in the rear. The rear udders were highly and widely attached and had a good suspensory ligament.

Besides good feet and legs, Midas also convinced with development potential. The animals presented were all at the end of the first lactation had clearly more body to show than the linear of the bull might show.