Stadel daughter Petra EX 90 exceeds 200,000 kg milk

She is not unknown. We already reported on the red Stadel daughter in February 2017 when she exceeded 180,000 kg milk. In the meantime, one year and lactation later, it is 200,000 kg milk Petra produced in her life so far!

Stadel daughter Petra and family Steiner

With this she is the first cow in Austria to reach this. Her owners on the breeding farm Steiner in Schlitters are really proud of this red cow. She is not the first cow having a high lifetime production though – at least eight cows on the farm reached a lifetime production of 100,000 liters already –, but probably no cow will pass by Petra in near future.

Petra is not only a good example for longevity or will to milk. She also scored EX 90 and successfully attended different shows, e.g. she became “honorable mention” of the 3rd Holstein Trophy show 2009 in Tirol.

We congratulate family Steiner on this great cow and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany!