Maibach daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018” on January 25th 2018

Bull: Maibach 571861 (Meridian x Snowman x Goldwyn)

Meridian son Maibach descends from the family of the well-known Aaron daughter CS Ramine EX 90 that has already produced many bulls strong for production. However, production is not his only plus and Maibach proved this impressively with this daughter group of seven heifers.


Dairy type:

The Maibach daughters were very framy and showed lots of harmony.


Having open ribs the animals were tall and had average fore hand width. Their rumps were correctly sloped and of desired width.

Feet and legs:

They moved well in the ring due to dry and somewhat more angled legs.


Udders were highly and firmly attached, carried by a good suspensory ligament and showed nice texture. Teat placement was as desired.

Maibach combines extreme production predisposition with functional conformation and good figures for udder health. It is also attractive that Maibach can be used on heifers due to his calving breeding value.

Maibach daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018”