Elody daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018” on January 25th 2018

Bull: Elody 570437 (Epic x Xacobeo x Goldwyn)

Elody is an Epic son out of the influential Caps Mairy family. He was represented by a very uniform daughter group of five heifers in Neumünster.


Dairy type:

The uniform and well-developed daughter group presented itself framy and dairy in front of the audience.


The young animals were very well-developed with good body length and convinced with wide and sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

Correctly set and angled rear legs with dry hoofs enabled fluent locomotion of the animals.


Udders were long and firmly attached. They excelled with a strong suspensory ligament, high rear udders and nice texture. Having somewhat wider rear teat placement, teat length should be kept in mind.

Elody is an absolute all-rounder whose highlights are feet & legs and udders. Top-class locomotion and rear teat placement speak for the fact that he can be used on robot milking farms. Moreover he has very good figures for longevity.