Nitro P daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018” on January 25th 2018

Bull: Nitro P 588026 (Ladd P x Sunrise x Spencer 2)

A progeny group of the red Ladd P son Nitro P was presented for the first time. He was raised in the Netherlands being a full brother of our popular sire Label P and now emerged from his shadow. He convinced with six daughters in Neumünster.

Nitro P

Dairy type:

The medium-sized and somewhat late maturing daughters showed lots of harmony.


Having sufficient depth and width in the fore hand, the heifers showed a good combination of strength and dairy type. Their rumps were of good width and slightly sloped.

Feet and legs:

Their feet and legs were very dry with somewhat steeper set.


Highly attached rear udders excelled with a good suspensory ligament as well as correctly placed teats. Solely some fore udders could have been somewhat longer.

Nitro P could convince completely for conformation with his daughters in Neumünster. However, the animals will bring production with high components in the barn as well. Another plus is that he can be highly recommended for use on heifers.

Nitro P daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018”