HighlightSALE 2018 – successful kick-off in the new year

The first, literal “highlight” of 2018 for cow fans and breeding enthusiasts took place in the beginning of the new year.

Numerous interested people, young breeders and breeders met at the 27th HighlightSALE of RUW in the late afternoon of January 5th in Hamm.

There was a large and diversified offer of latest polled genetics, interesting cow families and fresh-calved top-class heifers of the Holstein and Jersey breeds. In the morning the young breeders traditionally competed against each other before the sale and they already convinced the audience with excellent performances.

In the early evening the hall filled more and more and soon it was crowded when the auction began. The atmosphere was good and the auction went smoothly. Most of the buyers’ interests that came from Germany and the Netherlands could be satisfied.

K&L Aderyn RDC with catalogue No.33 entered the stage and could be sold for the highest price of the day, 7,000 €. The Styx Red daughter is out of one of the most successful cow families of the past few years. Our top sires Pace Red, Bretagne and Dreamboy are out of this family, too. Among the calves, the Red & White Finja-Red from the family of Kansas P was sold for 6,400 € and, therefore, was the most expensive Red Holstein cow of the evening. Mission-P daughter Raisa R RDC was the most expensive Black & White calf sold for 4,000 € to a breeder from the Netherlands.

Besides calves and heifers RUW also offered an excellent heifer package. WIT Tictac (s. Icone) was the top seller here with 5,000 €.

The result of this auction was very satisfying having an average price of 3,520 €. Buyers, sellers, breeders and visitors let the evening end in best mood with the breeders‘ night, talking and discussing until the early morning hours.

Styx Red daughter K&L Aderyn RDC