Effort daughter group at the auction “RUW-HighlightSALE 2018” on January 5th 2018

Bull: Effort 917530 (Ellmau x Snowman x Ramos)

Raised at Red Rocks Holsteins in the Netherlands, the red sire Effort is out of the Bonhill Warsi family. At this year’s HighlightSALE RUW presented a daughter group of six very young heifers of this bull for the first time. They were all very uniform.


Dairy type:

The young cows presented themselves with development according to their age and medium dairy type.


Showing lots of harmony and being homogeneous the animals had a lot of development potential with nice depth and strength. Rumps were sloped as desired.

Feet and legs:

The Effort daughters convinced on parallel set rear legs with completely good quality of feet and legs.


The udders excelled with high and firm attachment as well as ideal teat placement and strong suspensory ligaments.

Effort is an all-rounder on a high level. He combines high production, best feet & legs and udder as well as fitness and functionality. These strengths, especially for conformation, were impressively demonstrated by the daughter group.

Effort daughter group at the auction “RUW-HighlightSALE 2018”