Jefferson and Dertour are on the road of success in France

The annual exhibition on animal breeding SPACE took place from September 15th to 18th 2015 in Rennes, France, where a Holstein show is traditionally held.

Jefferson daughter Cendrillon

After attracting attention at SIA 2014 in Paris through a class win, Cendrillon grew and was awarded the grand champion title of the SPACE this time. Cendrillon, as daughter of our GGI sire Jefferson, descends from NOG Multi dam and, therefore, offers two generations of GGI sires in her pedigree!

Jefferson daughter Cendrillon

The black beauty is co-owned by Des Grilles, Francine and Gerard Denis as well as Romain Prelle. She was bred by Francine and Gerard Denis and she is not just beautiful as fifth calver, but also strong for production. She reached 11,985 kg milk with 3.91 % fat and 3.2 % protein in her fourth lactation having a lifetime production of so far 56,908 kg milk.

Her dam, NOG Multi daughter Aniversair, is housed on the farm of Mary Gaylord in Normandy and is currently in seventh lactation having a lifetime production of more than 58,000 kg milk with 4.25 % fat and 3.35 % protein.

There was also something to be pleased among the Red Holsteins. GGI sire Dertour had the Red Holstein grand champion with first calver Hedwig from the farm Des Alizes. Hedwig also has two generations of GGI blood like Cendrillon because her dam’s sire is no one less than proven Jerudo.

We congratulate all breeders and owners on the outstanding animals and wish lots of success in future with Genetics made in Germany!