Gasthuis Konvoy Suzanne is on the road to success

Gasthuis Konvoy Suzanne was chosen baroness of Mariënwaerdt on occasion of the regional show at the agricultural fair Mariënwaerdt in Beesd, Netherlands, on Saturday, August 22nd 2015.

Gasthuis Konvoy Suzanne

Thus the daughter of the GGI sire Konvoy is the first Red Holstein cow to be bestowed upon with this honor!

It was the day of the six calver Konvoy daughter of family van Buuren from Leerbroek. First of all, she won the old class of the Red Holsteins, was awarded the title “udder champion” and, finally, became grand champion of the show. What a success! Nicoletta 71, of family Aantjes from Streefkerk, was by her side as reserve champion. She is a daughter of the GGI sire Zabing.

After these outstanding achievements in the Red Holstein category, there was also a success among the Holstein heifers for the very popular GGI sire Goldday. His daughter Elsie Lane of Henk van de Westeringh from Heteren won the title of the reserve champion in her class.

The grand champion title was not the first success for Konvoy Suzanne in this show season.

At CRV-Koe-Expo on June 20th 2015 in Den Bosch, Netherlands, the eight-year-old Konvoy daughter was awarded the senior title of the Red Holsteins. Being older than eight, she was the show’s oldest cow and sent off her competitors due to her beautiful udder and powerful locomotion.

We congratulate on this great news and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in the future!