Genomic selection arrives for daughter proven bulls (breeding value estimation August 2015)

All Black & White and Red & White bulls have had genomic breeding values since August 2010. Therefore bulls born in 2010/2011, strictly pre-selected as calves, now get daughter proven breeding values. Among them is the new No.1, Suran, who has been one of the so far most frequently used genomic bulls with more than 100,000 doses sold.

Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Since this breeding value estimation in August 2015, the fitness breeding value RZFit is published for all daughter proven and genomic bulls.



Suran was the first real genomic star from RBB and, so far, one of the so far most frequently used genomic bulls, already with more than 28,000 registered calves. Based on the first 475 daughters, he is now published with daughter proven breeding values and, in fact, at the top of the list. Suran is an early Super son out of Mr.Burns and Goldwyn. Just as he did as a genomic bull, he stands out with his consistently good figures (RZE 118, RZS 115, RZN 130, RZR 111). His RZG of 150 is due in particular to the high production of his daughters and, therefore, an RZM of 135 which is even 12 points higher than his genomic one. With +1,731 kg milk, he is neutral for protein and slightly negative for fat (-0.21 %). However, his udders are more than solid with 120.

Suran daughter Reane

Even though there are 14 new Man-O-Man sons in this proof run, none of the 50 half brothers in total in the top list can come up to the former No.1 and current No.2, Maserati. He increases his number of daughters from 202 to 273 and shows balanced, convincing values (RZM 128, RZE 135, RZS 119, RZN 122, RZR 113). With feet & legs 130 and udder 124, this calving ease (RZKd 112) and fitness bull (RZFit 137) is in high demand.

At No.3, there is the second highest newcomer and highest of the first 5 Snowman sons with the appropriate name of Snow Peak. He is especially good for milk yield (+2,224 kg, RZM 139), combined with good conformation, typical of Snowman (RZE 122, feet and legs 128, udder 116). The good milkability with RZD 120 should also be mentioned. Snow Peak is out of the Dutch Win 395 as well as Looking Major and Largo. With Mirador P, the dam Hanecy VG 86 has another newcomer at No.213.

Bilstein, new at No.4, is the first Billard son. His sire is only 2 years older, also ranking high at No.35. Like his sire, Bilstein is a sire focused on production (+1,780 kg, RZM 133) with strengths for the functional traits (RZE 116, feet and legs 124, udder 105). So the still genomic figure for high longevity with RZN 119 as well as the great fitness index (132) are not a surprise, particularly with the maternal pedigree Ramos x Laudan. Bilstein can also be recommended for robot milking farms with RZRobot 124. Unfortunately, he has Brachyspina. He is followed by bulls with very constant figures, Lennard at No.5 (s. Legend, RZM 133, RZE 112) and Mont Blanc at No.6 (s. Man-O-Man, RZM 139, RZE 121).

NOG Brosco (Bronco x Jefferson) who entered high at No.2 in April does not maintain his level, with 78 daughters to date (No.7; RZM 140, -4; RZE 114, -3), but is still interesting.

There are two more high new Super sons: Subito (No.8) and Philo (No.9).

Subito, in particular may attract attention with RZM 126, RZE 122, RZS 116, RZN 125 and RZR 111. This is not the first success for his dam Shottle Nikola EX 90. For example, the Man-O-Man half brother of Subito, Mabuse, is at No.61 (RZM 117, RZE 126). Moreover, mating this dam’s line with Shottle has already been very successful: frequently used Sheffield at No.276 is a Shottle out of the Jesther grand dam (via Freelanze) of Subito’s dam. Within the nice linear of Subito, udders (124) in particular, stand out positively (feet and legs 112).

Philo descends out of a Stol Joc daughter raised by Reinerman (and Laudan) from the Pansy family who is currently housed in the Netherlands. RR Polly VG 86 also has a new full brother of Philo in the top list with Phaeton on No.103 (RZM 118, RZE 115). Furthermore – even more interesting – she also has a new Xacobeo son (RZM 102, RZE 132) just outside the Top-300: Xoldan. His brothers cannot better Philo for production with his RZM 133 (+2,153 kg milk; RZE 111).

NOG Mavali (s. Man-O-Man) completes the Top-10 with slightly higher figures (RZM 133, RZE 116).


Grandsons of O-Man

Of the further Man-O-Man sons in the top list, none is really in the spotlight. So Marmor (No.13, DS: Goldwyn), the highest ranking among them, is clearly below expectation with RZE 96 and especially with udder 92 (RZM 133). Mailand (No.56, DS: Shottle) is more balanced here with RZM 123 and RZE 111 (udder 116, feet and legs 102). Luigi (No.59, DS: Goldwyn) seems to be worth a second glance with RZM 126 and RZE 117, but he has other weaknesses with milkability RZD 88.

Three of the first 5 Logan sons enter the Top-50. The highest of them, Lorus (DS: Goldwyn), just misses the Top-10 at No.11, thanks mostly to the high transmission for production with RZM 134. Log-In at No.17 (DS: Goldwyn) does better here with RZE 117 (udder 110, feet and legs 123). He was already more frequently used as genomic sire (RZM 121, +0.15 % protein). Log-In is the No.2 of the daughter proven Holstein bulls suitable for milking robots having RZRobot 138. The most interesting may be Picus at No.32 who is by far the best conformation sire among the Logan sons with RZE 123. He is out of a very efficient Bolton x Ramos which can also be seen in his +1,931 kg milk (RZM 124). Within conformation, the very good feet and legs (123) as well as the combination of very good, wider rear teat placement and longer teats stand out. He is also one of the 5 best bulls suitable for milking robots with RZRobot 137 due to low cell score (RZS 111) and clearly above average milkability (RZD 106).

4 out of the 6 Gerard sons in the top list to date are new. Grandeur ranks the highest at No.40 and is out of a French Bolton x Jocko Besne. Based on the first 58 daughters, Grandeur shows nice production breeding values (RZM 129, +1,647 kg milk, -0.08 % protein) and, within RZE 119, especially impressive udder figures (121, feet and legs 108). So far the best conformation sire among the Gerard sons is the new NOG Gelis (No.77) with RZE 125 (udder 119, feet and legs 111). He is out of the maternal combination Goldwyn x Jocko Besne and presents himself as a capacity bull (129) with medium stature. Milkability should be kept in mind when mating (RZD 87).

Among the first three Freddie sons, Folker stands out. The highest ranking Fenchel (No.92, DS: Encino) may be too low with RZE 103 for overall conformation, but faultless for udder 110 and feet & legs 108. Folker (No.121, DS: Goldwyn) shows somewhat higher conformation values with RZE 117 (udder 112, feet and legs 115) and is out of the Juror Faith family. With very similar production breeding values (RZM 118) as Fenchel, he is also very good for the functional traits (RZFit 124, RZRobot 122).

There are already 19 daughter proven sons of Legend, with the above mentioned Lennard at No. 5 at the top. Among the four new sons, Leens at No.129 (DS: Shottle) has potential with RZM 110 and RZE 114 (udder 113, feet and legs 117) as a components sire and fitness specialist (RZS 123, RZN 122, RZR 116, RZFit 129).

Granit (DS: Goldwyn), new at No.34, is so far, the only Garrett son and offers solid figures based on 75 daughters. He is a components sire with +0.24 % fat and +0.16 % protein (RZM 128) with a linear that is not extreme (RZE 111, udder 108, feet and legs 113).

The new Bronco son Bromac (No.75) is out of the same US cow family as Granit. His Mac dam is a half sister of Granit. Bromac also has positive components (RZM 111) and, in particular, very good udder breeding values (122, feet and legs 98, RZE 112). These are based on only 14 classified daughters. With RZFit 133, he is one of the best bulls here (RZS 123, RZN 123, RZR 127).

Numerous sons of O-Man have been used as sires of sons. The success of the 94 grandsons born is so far manageable. One son seems to be a positive exception here: Snowman. Among the first 5 daughter proven sons, not only 4 are in the Top-50 with Snow Peak at No.3 as the highest of them, but the quintet also shows outstanding conformation potential with a minimum of RZE 122. With RZE 132, Snowflake (No.21, DS: Goldwyn) is the best. With almost 15,000 registered progeny, this son was very heavily used as a genomic bull out of the Outside Kora family and shows a fantastic linear (udder 124, feet and legs 118) with lots of type, capacity and stature (140). In addition, Snowflake has very good production transmission (RZM 130, +1,686 kg milk, -0.07 % protein) based on 336 daughters, and should be still in high demand; he can also be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 110).

Snowflake daughter PM Birga

Camera (No.48) is only a little lower for overall conformation with RZE 131 and is the best for feet and legs with 132 (udder 121) of the first 5 Snowman sons. He is a little higher than Snowflake for milk yield transmission with +1,723 kg, but lower for components (-0.33 % fat, -0.17 % protein, RZM 122). Camera is out of a Danish Ramos and the full sister of Leko (Laudan x Jockobenge VG 87). Unfortunately, he has Brachyspina.

As the highest new bull in this section, the former genomic No.1 should also be mentioned: Borussia (Butch s. O-Man). With RZG 139 (RZM 135, RZE 90), he would rank in the Top-20 based on the first 218 daughters (12,593 registered progeny in total), but he is no longer actively marketed.


Great grandsons of O-Man

Sire of sons, Super, is a Boliver son himself, but his dam is an O-Man daughter. There are more interesting newcomers among the many new Super sons outside the Top-10 with Suran, Subito and Philo. Surinam at No.45 should be mentioned here (DS: Shottle) as the highest for overall conformation among the Super sons with RZE 125 (udder 123, feet and legs 121). With adequate milk production (RZM 114, +1,051 kg), Surinam especially scores for fitness (RZFit 135) and specifically for RZN with 128. Surinam should not be used on heifers (RZKd 92).

Nanno (No.63) is a new Niagra son and is out of a Dutch Mascol x O-Man on the dam’s side. He is a high production sire (RZM 134, +1,541 kg milk, +0.03 % protein) with solid, unremarkable conformation (RZE 111, udder 115, feet and legs 102) and calving ease (RZKd 115).

Atwood son Arango, new at No.131, is very different. He is one of the highest newcomers for overall conformation with RZE 129 and especially for feet and legs 131 (udder 116). His dam is a Shottle sister of, amongst others, the high Danish Goldwyn son Grafit and the Fibrax son Figo (No.114) and Neblina, the full sister of Omega (O-Man x Marshall). Arango also offers solid figures without any special weaknesses or faults as well as very good conformation values (among others RZM 111).

Goldspan, the first Gofast son was inbred with O-Man (paternal dam’s sire and maternal dam’s sire). His rank of No.146 is due in particular, to the high longevity (RZN 129) and daughter fertility (RZR 124). With RZM 104 and RZE 112 (udder 113, feet and legs 118), he has the excellent combination of RZFit 126 and RZRobot 128.

So O-Man blood is very wide-spread in the current daughter proven bulls via his grandsons. Mostly, they can be widely used because only a few of his direct sons were used very frequently in Germany. There is the possibility via his grandsons to use the special positive characteristics of O-Man – production plus robustness plus calving traits – without his faults for conformation, balanced by the dams in between. It is still true that bull breeding thrives on the mating of extremes while balanced breeding still counts for matings in the wider population.


New and not O-Man

Of course there are also new bulls without O-Man blood. At No.72, there is Bonhof, an early Bowser out of Damion x Goldwyn x Lheros. He is the first daughter proven son out of Savannah EX 90, but Bookem half brothers are in the genomic top list. Bonhof impresses with his conformation of RZE 137, but especially with udder 145. He is by far the highest udder sire and already has 60 classified daughters (146 in total). With such a profile, many will forgive him for limited production transmission (RZM 102, +507 kg milk). Bonhof is also very high for fitness with RZFit 140 and is No.3 among the daughter proven bulls (RZN 134, RZR 122).

Mareus (No.99) is the first Massey son (Mascol x Bret) and was interestingly raised with Virzil x Shottle x Jocko Besne on the dam’s side. With 90 daughters so far, he shows solid, but not such remarkable figures: RZM 120 (+844 kg milk, +0.08 % protein), RZE 110 (udder 113, feet and legs 110), RZS 111, RZN 118, RZR 105.

NOG Priano (No.118) is a late Planet son (DS: Goldwyn). What makes him stand out from his 60 older half brothers are the conformation figures. RZE 121 with udder 123 and feet & legs 115 make him the highest Planet son here. Within RZM 116, the positive components with +655 kg milk are impressive.

Piedro (No.267) is the first daughter proven Prince son (out of Shottle x Marshall). The number of sons of this underestimated Italian (Britt x Mtoto) will be very limited because there are 4 more genomic half brothers. It will be difficult for them to come up to Piedro’s conformation as he really raises the bar with RZE 123 and especially for feet and legs with 139 (udder 114). Production transmission when mating with Piedro, should be kept in mind (RZM 96). In contrast, he improves fitness with RZFit 130 (RZN 138) and can be recommended for use on milking robot farms (RZRobot 129).


The line-up of polled bulls is supported by the Mitey P son Mirador P (new on No.213). He is a maternal half brother of Snow Peak at No.3 (dam: Win 395 x Looking Major). Like Magna P RF (No.208) who also has RZG 124, Mirador P is the highest polled bull in the Holstein list to date. Mirador P is a solid production sire (RZM 118, +1,285 kg milk) with additional strengths for feet and legs (124, udder 101, RZE 106), milkability (RZD 110) and calving ease (RZKd 116). Mirador P was already frequently used as a genomic bull. His first conventional breeding value is based on his first 96 daughters.


Further development

Among the first Super sons, Shirocco entered new at No.8 last time (DS: Goldwyn) and this is justified because of RZM 126 and RZE 120 (No.15 now). His number of daughters went up slightly to 80 and he remains outstanding for udder traits with 129. He is also a good choice for fitness lovers (RZFit 129) as well as suitable for milking robot farms (RZRobot 122).

Easyjet (No.23; s. Eleve) is getting better and better for longevity. After +5 points last time, it is another +4 points to now be RZN 114. He also slightly goes up for production with his daughters at the end of their second lactation (RZM 127, +3, RZE 114).

Billard’s daughters are already now in third lactation and give this Billion son a clear plus for longevity (RZN 115, +7; No.35). Billard is also now successful as a sire of sons with Bilstein who is new at No.4.

Jeeves son Jello was a new discovery in April due to his good conformation figures. Now with 330 daughters, he goes up a little to No.44 (RZM 111, RZE 126), and also for milkability (RZD 89, +2).

If you are looking for a somewhat more balanced Jeeves son, Jentin is a good choice (No.109, RZM 114, RZE, 114, RZD 97).

Gibor did an impressive job – with more than 50,000 daughters –, especially for longevity and functionality and would still rank in the Top-100 with RZG 134. One of the few sons that made it into second crop is Marmorall (No.65). With RZM 117, RZE 105, RZN 124 as well as RZR 118, he is a worthy successor of his sire.

Elburn (No.96) gets 169 new daughters to now number 869. His breeding values remain very constant (RZM 129, RZE 113), and longevity does too (104).


Goldday (RZM 111) and Goldboy (RZM 97), with thousands of daughters, remain a reliable source among the Goldwyn sons for excellent conformation with RZE 141 and 136 respectively.

Sterngold now has 3,200 daughters. The Stol Joc son is a safe choice for trouble-free cows with RZM 107, RZE 116, RZS 135, RZN 121 and RZR 104 as well as RZFit 128. Sterngold especially is in high demand among robot milking farms due to RZRobot 134.

Short Cut got his first second crop daughters (+163 to 291 daughters). However, the values of the Shottle son are unchanged. The increase of 2 RZG points is based on the culling of his test daughters which was less than expected (RZN 111, +6).


Red Holstein

The percentage of new bulls among the Red Holsteins in the Top-75 is not only clearly lower at 16 % than among the Holsteins (24 %), but the highest newcomer only ranks at No.14.

The two Fidelity sons Morris and Fodulo are still at the top of the list and both gained two RZG points to 141 and 135 respectively. Compared to his debut in April, Morris got 30 additional daughters to now number 102 and clearly goes up for RZM (141, +6). With RZE 109 (-4), he is a little low for conformation, especially for udder (97).

Fodulo’s RZM is 139 having doubled his daughters to 210 to date and gains 5 points for RZE to 115. Unfortunately, this gain rather results from his already high value for feet and legs (137, +5) rather than from udder classification (95, +1).

Elwood at No.3 gets his first second crop daughters. His increase, again of two RZG points results from culling information from his test daughters (RZN 106, +4).

He replaced the absolutely constant Amor-Red (RZM 115, RZE 128) to rank fourth.

With less than expected culling of his daughters in third lactation, Runi (s. Mr.Burns) jumps for longevity (RZN 118, +10) and enters the Top-10 at No.5 from No.14 (RZM 115, RZE 116).

He is followed by the rising star of this proof run: Desk (No.6). Thanks to +11 RZM points to 121, he goes up by +8 RZG points to 131. This positive development is rather negated by losses for conformation (111, -5) and especially udder (98, -5), but also udder health (RZS 93, -3). The reason for these clear changes are 614 new daughters (1,135 now) for this Destry son, already in high demand as a genomic bull.

Matip (No.7), born in 2009, has passed a well-defined test period. He slightly gains in almost all fields with his daughters that are now in second lactation (RZM 119, RZE 115, RZS 101, RZN 124, RZR 106, RZKm 106).

This really also applies to Malden (No.8, RZM 122, RZE 115, RZD 75).

Madorty (No.9) does not have any problem with milkability (RZD 98) as the third highest ranking Malvoy son. With increased production figures (RZM 126, +1,855 kg milk, -0.14 % protein) and constant RZE 119 (udder 109, feet and legs 119), he can be widely used (DS: Morty).

Maximo-Red (No.10, RZM 134, RZE 104) can be used to specifically improve production with +1,836 kg milk, but should not be used on heifers (RZKd 79).


New bulls

Fill-In at No.14 is the highest newcomer. The Fidelity son descends from the Massia family and his dam (Goldwyn x Lightning) is a half sister of Kylian. Fill-In is a sire for production (RZM 128) and feet & legs (126) who can also be used on heifers (RZKd 113). His linear for the udder traits is better than his overall udder score of 106 might suggest and does not show any particular weaknesses. With +1,049 kg milk, components are positive (+0.04 % fat, +0.13 % protein). These figures are based on just 47 early daughters. 13 of them were classified for conformation.

Don Juan, new at No.28, is a Durham Red son out of FBI which regrettably, can be seen in milkability with RZD 84. The maternal pedigree traces back via Talent to the Splendors. Don Juan daughters show outstanding development for body (131) and solid feet & legs (106). Rear teats are optimally placed though they are a little wider in the fore (udder 111). Fat percentages are rather weak with +1,162 kg milk and neutral protein.

Bestry (No.30, RZM 113) is a new Destry son with a very nice linear (RZE 122) and excellent fitness figures (RZFit 121). His Mr.Burns dam is a half sister of the Holstein top list bull Mosaik (s. Man-O-Man). Data is still limited with 48 daughters at the beginning of their lactation, as well as 13 classified daughters.


The new Destry son Mad Max (No.34) is a good choice for conformation lovers. As a son of famous RH Talent Maxima EX 94, he was already very sought-after as a genomic bull and his first conventional breeding values are based on 164 daughters. He leaves nothing to be desired with RZE 133 (udder 127, feet and legs 127). He is just average for milk production with +349 kg, but has positive protein (RZM 107).

Mad Max daughter Mareike

The full brother of Mad Max, Maverick, ranks just behind him for conformation with RZE 132 (udder 132, feet and legs 114). For production transmission, he needs support when mating (RZM 91, -399 kg milk, +0.15 % protein). He ranks outside the top list with RZG 114.

The pedigree of the new Rubio (No.51) includes the well-known German Red Holstein sires Ruleto x Carmano and joins his sire (No.66) and grand sire (No.41). Being average for production values (+560 kg milk, +0.05 % protein, RZM 109), he does not have to hide with a nice linear and RZE 117.

If conformation is at the top of your wish list, you will find bulls that are just outside the top list. Lagerfeld is a new Landslide son out of Goldwyn and Formation Splendor. He is not only high for overall conformation with RZE 127, but also for udder (121) and feet & legs (126). Teat length 128 should be mentioned. With sufficient milk yield (+1,286 kg, RZM 111), cell score should however, be kept in mind when mating (RZS 88).



There are also interesting newcomers among the polled bulls.

Above all, there is Mind P at No.18 (Mitey P x Lawn Boy). With 461 daughters, 131 of them classified, he already has high reliability. The number of daughters will clearly go up in the near future because almost all of his 8,000 progeny are registered. He is a positive surprise for production transmission with RZM 130 with +1,189 kg milk and +0.15 % protein. He also beats the genomic breeding values for conformation (RZE 116, udder 109, feet and legs 102), and especially body traits (129). With good milkability (RZD 112), low cell score (RZS 110) and longer teats (110), he can be recommended for milking robot farms, too (RZRobot 120).

Mind P daughter Malinde

The new Toppoll P is just outside the top list with RZM 94, but RZE 129. The Top-Red son out of Lawn Boy is remarkable for udder traits (133). Milk yield is not really his strength with +166 kg (-0.04 % protein).



Lasse P now ranks at No.11. He got only a few new daughters and has stable figures (RZM 121, RZE 107).

The development of the daughters of the second polled Lawn Boy son, Laron P (No.16), is very different. He already has 2,277 daughters and gains slightly for RZM (110, +2) and conformation (RZE 126, +1). Only for longevity with RZN 114 (-5) is he a little lower.

Among the Destry sons, Dixieland (No.15, RZM 113) jumps for conformation by doubling his daughters to 168 (RZE 133, +7). This improvement results both from complex udder (133, +5) and feet & legs (116, +7).

His full brother Detroit (No.26, DS: Shottle) is unfortunately, very different. Tripling his daughters makes the RZE fall by -7 points (116). He also slightly loses for RZM (106, -2), but remains top for longevity (RZN 126) and daughter fertility (RZR 112).

Dertour (No.27, DS: Malvoy) further asserts his position as the leading conformation sire with RZE 140 (+2) and has a lead of 7 points over the second highest bulls for RZE in the top list, Mad Max and Dixieland.

Elayo son Edway does not yet have second crop daughters and remains stable for production (RZM 105) and conformation (RZE 125). Longevity develops positively (RZN 112, +8).

With more than 13,000 and 20,000 daughters respectively, and a reliability of 99 %, this is also true for the proven sires Tableau (No.19, RZM 113, RZE 120) and Jerudo (No.22, RZM 120, RZE 97). Longevity breeding values are still changing, as thousands of second crop daughters, now deliver definitive culling information, so that Tableau’s RZN falls to 115 while Jerudo’s goes up to 112.