Highly tested daughters worldwide for GGI bulls

GGI sires regularly breed highly genomically tested female progeny.

Magna P RF

In the current Red Holstein rankings of April 2015, several very high ranking animals in the Canadian, Danish and German top lists descend from Magna P RF, Fageno, Fidji, Go Now RF, Desmond, Elburn, Maico and Morris.

Magna P RF tops the Canadian list of the milking Red Holsteins with his daughter Vidia Magna Milliard VG 87. With a current gLPI of 2,917, she puts close to 150 points between herself and the closest “pursuer”. Magna P RF is as heterozygous polled sire and red carrier, who descends from a highly productive family, an asset for Red Holstein breeding.

On the other side of the Atlantic, GGI bulls Fageno and Fidji between them provide the three top ranked young heifers on the gNTM list (Nordic Total Merit) in Denmark. Fageno’s daughters Hollensen 2961 and Egeberg 1858 lead the way with a gNTM of 41 respectively 38. Fidji daughter Egeberg 1732 finds herself in third place with a gNTM of 34. On the maternal side, all of them descend from the successful and popular GGI bull Jerudo.

Via VG 86 Ruacana x VG 86 Ludox x VG 85 Mtoto x EX 91 Mingo, Fageno traces back to a deep cow family, which shines with production and conformation.


Fiction son Fidji breeds daughters showing good will to milk and offering very good longevity, good fertility and udder health.

In Germany, Go Now RF daughter Requiem is in the Top-5 of genomically tested young heifers by RZG. Desmond daughter 378373 and the young heifer 117998 by Colour P can claim a place in the Top-10. They are shining examples of their genomically tested sires’ transmission.

In the ranking of the milking heifers, Elburn and Morris provide the two highest ranking animals with Allure 2 GP 84 and Elmaria GP 84. Flavia NC, who is sired by Maico, follows in third place. Elburn, a red carrier as is Magna P RF, very well complements Red Holstein breeding. In the proofs of Morris, his very good milk yield and his good longevity catch the eye. Maico pleases with his solid proofs in the functional traits and his outstanding daughter fertility.

We congratulate the owners on these very promising animals and wish the best for the future.