Dixieland daughter group at the German Holstein Show 2015 on June 11th 2015

Bull: Dixieland 923422 (Destry RC x Shottle x Lentini RF)

7 daughters of the bull Dixieland were shown.


Dairy type:

The Dixieland daughters showed a good combination of dairy type and strength.


The heifer showed above average stature with good top line and harmony. The animals had steep shoulders and the potential to develop even more depth. Rumps were mostly well-sloped and of sufficient width.

Feet and legs:

The clean and dry feet and legs having somewhat more angle showed very good set and enabled very harmonic locomotion of the elegant animals.


Rear udders varied a little regarding their width and height, but all had a good suspensory ligament and firm attachment. Having good texture, the firm fore udder attachment and the high udder depth excelled as well. Teat placement and teat length have to be praised.

Dixieland got his first daughter proven breeding value in April 2015 and measures up to expectations. Due to his interesting bloodline, the linear as well as the good fertility rates, he could and can enthuse breeders.

Dixieland daughter group at the DHV Show 2015