Jardin daughter reaches 100,000 liters of milk

Jardin daughter Stella reached the magical limit of 100,000 liters lifetime production at the beginning of March 2015. Stella is not only a highly productive and long living cow; she also scored EX 91 recently.

Jardin daughter Stella (6th lac.)

Stella EX 91, who is currently in her 9th lactation, impressively proves the transmission qualities of her sire. On an average, she has so far produced 10,538 kg of milk with outstanding 4.21 % of fat and 3.62 % of protein. Moreover, she excelled in the show ring and was repeatedly successful on the show “Excellentschau” in Leer. In 2011, she was awarded first place in her class. She delivers top performances in every field. Jardin, whose test period Stella EX 91 originated from, demonstrates once again the strengths of German Holstein breeding: longevity, high will to milk and very good conformation.

We congratulate the breeder on this outstanding cow and wish them much joy with Stella in the future.