Amos daughter group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2015“ on March 11th 2015

Bull: Amos 149949 (Atwood x Shottle x Champion)

6 early daughters of the Atwood son Amos from genomic service were shown.


Dairy type:

The uniform progeny of Amos had medium dairy type and lots of harmony.


The daughters of Amos presented themselves as framy long cows with good strength and strong top line. Having variably sloped rumps, all animals showed the desired rump width in order to calve trouble-free.

Feet and legs:

Feet and legs with normal bone quality showed average rear leg angle and good locomotion with somewhat tighter set. High foot angles have to be praised.


Rear udders were adequately high and wide attached and carried by a good suspensory ligament. Fore udders were also attached firmly. Udder texture of the Amos daughters has to be mentioned. Correct teat placement as well as sufficient teat length should be praised.

Amos is still listed as genomic sire, but he may be an interesting alternative among the daughter proven bulls from April especially because of his very good components.

Amos daughter group at "Excellent-Schau 2015"