Bull of the month March 2015: Blue P RDC 681110

Boss x Mitey P x Lawn Boy

Blue P RDC

After we introduced Apoll P as bull of the month January 2015, we would like you to look at a Holstein polled sire. Blue P RDC enters service as No.2 of the current Holstein polled top list.

Blue P RDC is an offspring of the famous Adria family which developed itself on the breeding farm Winter. It is a solid cow family that already called attention several times and that has established itself in Holstein breeding.

Having the sire line-up Boss x Mitey Pp RF x Lawn Box Pp x Riverland x Kom Leader x Petisso x Triple, Blue P RDC is both red carrier and polled. These characteristics in combination with uncommon bloodline make him take a special position. So he recommends for widespread use among Holsteins and Red Holsteins.

In addition to very good figures for longevity and production, Blue P RDC also offers faultless conformation transmission so that he can be considered an all-rounder. As if Blue P RDC would not offer the complete package already, he can be used as heifer bull as well!

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