Breeding value estimation 2013 for daughter proven bulls

Guarini is the new No.1 among the Holsteins. Heavily used genomic bulls now have a proof with daughters. The annual base shift shows progress in breeding for longevity.

Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

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In this April proof run, the annual base shift has been carried out for all relative breeding values. All A.I. bulls born between 2003 - 2005 (previously 2002 - 2004) now form the updated basis. The individual changes (breeding value deductions) are listed in the table below:


















Red Holstein










Dairy type













Red Holstein








The breeding value deductions (i.e. breeding progress) in the total merit index RZG comply with the perennial average of almost 2 points. In the past, this total progress was based mainly on the increase in the level of the milk production traits, but this has changed to show clear progress for longevity and cell score. All breeding value changes mentioned below are net changes, i.e. the base deduction has already been taken into account.




Guarini goes up following the base shift by one point with his daughters now in third lactation. He is the highest available daughter proven bull with RZG 147.

Guarini daughter Benedikta (2nd lac.)

He is directly followed by the highest newcomer Billard
. So far, he has 80 daughters, but they are all at the beginning of their first lactation. He was able to improve his RZM by 11 points compared to his solely genomic breeding value. So he enters with RZM 139. He is also slightly higher (base shift) for RZE with 110. However, the data base is still limited with 13 classified daughters. The Billion son out of O-Man x Durham is a strong sire for milk yield (+2,041 kg) with neutral protein. The linear does not show any weaknesses. Billard is strongest for body and capacity. All functional traits are at least average with high longevity (RZN 123). He has additionally proved his qualities as a sire of sons with Bilstein, ranking high in the genomic list.

The Mascol sons Mavid and Magorian led last time but have now dropped slightly. Magorian is now at No.3 (RZG 145, -1) and remains the highest production sire of the top list (RZM 145, RZE 102). The strengths of Mavid are still the high components (+0.24 % fat, +0.34 % protein, RZM 137) combined with very good feet and legs (125).

In between there is the highest O-Man son Omega, again No.4, who added 29 early daughters from second crop.

The Bolton son at No.7 is Björk with almost unchanged figures.

Baxter has not only the most newcomers with 29 new sons, but also one of the new Top-10 bulls with Bakombre. However, his figures are still influenced by his genomics with just 36 early daughters.

Frosko (No.8) as the third newcomer in the Top-10 is more reliable here. Frosko is the first German Frosty (BW Marshall x Sand) son and, internationally, by far the highest. On the dam’s side, he is out of a French Shottle x Hershel. Frosko is a strong production sire with slightly positive components (RZM 138) and good udder health (RZS 124). The linear is unremarkable (RZE 105).

He is followed by Mascol who is still at No.9, as well as NOG Mato who goes up by one place to enter the Top-10.


More interesting new bulls

The heavily used genomic Stol Joc son, Sterngold, has daughter breeding values for the first time now (77 daughters) and enters high at No.15. His dam is a full sister of Showlight (Shottle x Marshall) being at No.170 in the top list. Sterngold’s breeding value for production is lower at RZM 117 than his genomic figure, but he completely lives up to expectation with RZE 120 and RZS 128. Feet and legs (126) are outstanding. It is no surprise that longevity is predicted high as well with RZN 129. His good udders are optimally placed and impress with teats that are not too short.

Juwel makes an excellent debut as a sire of sons. Among his first 8 daughter proven sons, 7 rank in the top list. Unfortunately, they are all average for conformation, although mostly without weaknesses for udder and feet & legs. This is also true for the highest Juwel son at No.18 Jengo (RZE 104; DS: O-Man) as well as for NOG Juro (No.26, RZE 105, DS: Ready), Juwentus (No.29, RZE 103, DS: Manager), NOG Juris (No.83, RZE 104, DS: Laudan) and Jalta (RZE 102, DS: O-Man). The most balanced so far is NOG Jeto (No.42, RZE 111). He is a full brother of the above mentioned NOG Juris (dam: Laudan x Jocko Besne) and combines very high milk yields (+2,225 kg, RZM 126) with strong feet and legs (129) as well as nice udders (105). Moreover, he can improve milkability (RZD 117).

Bokko is a new Billion son at No.21. Like Billard, he is out of a combination with O-Man, this time however, out of a French dam’s family. He is strong for production and protein (+0.12 %, RZM 131) with good feet and legs (119), but also rather low for udder (100).

Bokko daughter Lizzy

Among the early Billion sons, Birdie at No.278 with RZE 117 (udder 118, feet and legs 107) is more balanced. He does not, however, have the same strength in production as his sire (RZM 106).

Jelder, another German Jester son used as a sire of sons besides Juwel, has his first and so far only daughter proven son high in the top list at No.23. Jezani, regrettably, is also rather low for conformation (RZE 104) with strong production transmission (RZM 134).

The first sons with daughters of Stylist – still ranking high at No.27 – have arrived. The highest of the previous Sylist sons for conformation is Sillens with RZE 111 (udder 108, feet and legs 116, dam: Titanic x Limburger). He got the high components from his sire (+0.25 % fat, +0.25 % protein, RZM 118).

Bolton increases the number of his daughter proven sons in Germany to more than 100. One of the most interesting high newcomers from them is Borsati at No.32. He was already widely used due to his genomic breeding values. With 76 daughters in production and already 50 estimated daughters for conformation, he does not disappoint with RZM 127, RZE 127 and RZS 118. With very high milk production (+1,728 kg), the Borsati daughters have excellent udders (127). Furthermore, they are of above average size and equipped with lots of strength and depth. This was probably also due to his dam, a full sister of Omatido and the Italian Columbiano. She produced a very complete sire with Borsati’s full brother Boateng (No.190), but he is Brachyspina positive. In contrast, Borsati is negative.

The new Bolton sons Lavish (No.39), Bodrum (No.53) as well as Barnico are interesting. Gen-I Beq Lavish descends via Goldwyn from the famous Lila Z EX 94. His strengths are very good udders (127, RZE 120), outstanding udder health (RZS 121) and highly positive protein (+0.20 %, RZM 124). His production breeding values are based on 134 daughters.

Bodrum is by far the highest Bolton son for conformation with RZE 137. For udders, he is actually the highest daughter proven sire with 143. With a figure of +1,907 kg, Bodrum transmits very high milk production with somewhat lower protein (RZM 120). His dam BUT Ghost is a VG 86 Shottle out of Manat and Basar. Bodrum has Brachyspina and should not be used on heifers.

Barnico is not in the top list with RZG 115, but excels with a combination of top-class conformation (RZE 128, udder 134) with highly positive components (+0.33 % fat, +0.13 % protein, RZM 112). Barnico descends via Talent and Outside from the Laurie Sheik family.

There are lots of new daughter proven sons of Mr.Burns. Burion RC at No.108 is interesting for both black and white & red and white breeders. He is out of an excellent Champion and the Inquirer sister of Goldwyn. Burion transmits lots of milk with neutral protein (RZM 126).For his linear, the combination of size, strength and depth with lots of dairy type as well as good feet and legs really stand out (RZE 118). Udders are good. The progeny group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2013” could prove the conformation quality of this bull.

There are now 34 sons of Jardin (No.105). None of the new sons is able to surpass the very early Jugador (No.16, RZM 139, RZE 118) who is still the highest ranking. Definitely interesting is the new Jackknife at No.40 as well as Juno at No.43. Jackknife is a very good all-rounder with RZM 122 (+0.08 % fat, +0.18 % protein), RZE 113 (udder 116), RZS 115, RZN 113, RZR 111 and RZKm 111. He is out of the full sister of Nidall (O-Man x Mtoto) who ranks at No.98. Juno is by far the highest Jardin son for conformation with RZE 127 (udder 126, feet and legs 122). He is out of a Danish cow family and his pedigree includes Zenith and Lukas in the maternal sire line-up. He got the outstanding protein of +0.26 % from sire Jardin, but he is also high for fat with +0.36 % (RZM 122). His figures are very reliable with 108 daughters.

Widar (No.51) and Wasiki (No.66) are two new high ranking sons of the Italian Durham son Watha in the top list. Widar is the highest of 4 full brothers out of Aquila O-Man Virgin. All of them have high RZG. With RZM 125, he shows strengths for body and and feet & legs with average udders (RZE 113). Milkability has to be mentioned (RZD 88). In this respect, the older full brother Warner (No.99, RZM 124) who already has a second crop, is better with RZD 98. For conformation, Warner is the best of these four, due to an increase of 5 points to RZE 117.

Among more than 50 daughter proven Baxter sons, Bradon at No.61 may attract interest. The dam is the well-known Clear-Echo Ramos 1200 EX 94. 99 daughters in milk lift Bradon’s breeding value for production to RZM 122 with almost 2,000 kg milk and therefore clearly above his genomic value. The tall Bradon daughters have lots of substance and a nice dairy type. The udders in particular, are clearly above average in the rear (RZE 124).

Golden Way (No.67) is a late Goldwyn son out of Bassingthorpe Shottle Daisy EX 94. Through this, he not only has probably the most popular Shottle daughter as dam, but he is the only one of 163 tested Goldwyn sons in Germany and 223 bulls whose dam’s sire is Shottle whose pedigree includes these two successful, but of the same age, sires of sons. RZE 127 with udder 121 as well as feet and legs 120 are no surprise in this pedigree. With RZS 123, RZN 117, RZR 115 as well as RZKm 118, he is strong for the other functional traits, too. With high components (+0.42 % fat and +0.15 % protein), his milk yield, however, (+221 kg) should be kept in mind when mating (RZM 111).

The new Pagnolo (No.73) and Pastewka (No.154) are the only two high ranking Pagewire sons. They have almost identical values with RZM 123/122, RZE 113/114 (udder 118, feet and legs 102) and RZKm 117. Pastewka (DS: Jocko Besne) has a little more milk while Pagnolo (DS: O-Man) has better components. The difference in rank is based on RZN and RZS where Pagnolo is clearly positive and Pastewka is only average.

Manzini (No.78) is by far the highest of the Mac sons. For conformation in particular, he beats the pants off his half brothers with RZE 130. With dam’s sire O-Man, one might not expect this, but the dam is not just any O-Man, but the half sister of, amongst others, Alexander, i.e. the grand dam of the famous New-Way Patron Allie. Manzini scores particularly well for udders (131). With a transmission for milk yield of nearly +1,000 kg, he reaches RZM 106. He is strong for all functional traits and a real specialist for good milkability (RZD 127). Manzini can be used on heifers.

Wilder at No.112, as one of the first Wildman sons, may have a chance for a second crop (dam: Mascol x Lancelot). He has a nice fat to protein ratio (-0.20 % fat, +0.05 % protein) with RZM 125. Linear is very solid with RZE 114 (udder 110, feet and legs 110).

The new Jool at No.122, is the second highest Jose son (dam: Pippen x Emery). For RZG, he is not at the same level as Joshua (No.88), who was new last time, but is clearly the better for conformation with RZE 116 (udder 112, feet and legs 124). Within RZM 117 (143 daughters) he is a sire for components (+0.22 % fat, +0.10 % protein) and can be used on heifers.

Simion at No.128 is another good Stol Joc son (dam: Laudan x Emerson) as well as Sterngold. With +1,233 kg milk, he is positive for protein (RZM 121) and balanced for conformation. He is a specialist for milkability (RZD 118) with no weaknesses in the functional traits.

Laudare (No.175) is an early Laurin son with very good conformation (RZE 123, DS: Shottle). The Laudare daughters are very tall with lots of depth and dairy type (udder 118). Almost +1,100 kg milk with neutral components (RZM 116) as well as RZS 113 and RZN 111 make him an all-rounder who should not be used on heifers.

The new Rolfes (No.210) offers a different pedigree with Roumare x Duplex x Adam and solid figures (RZM 117, RZE 120). The same is true for Valento at No.291 with Virzil x Riverland x Ronald and RZM 117 as well as RZE 115. However, the number of daughters of Valento is still limited.


Less changes

Bandini’s daughters are in second lactation now and there were only a few changes of the figures. So he is slightly outside the Top-10 (No.11, RZM 130, RZE 109).

Moreover, there is good news for the two popular Goldwyn sons, Gunnar and Goldday. With daughters in third lactation, Gunnar goes up for longevity (RZN 117) and production (RZM 125), now ranking at No.12. Goldday (No.19) continues to write his success story with 100 daughters by improving +2 RZM points to 117, but still with fantastic conformation (RZE 132). The fourth Goldwyn son on the bull card is Gokart (No.166, RZM 107, RZE 124). He slightly loses for longevity (RZN 118), but gains for daughter fertility (RZR 113).

The two Laudan sons, internationally used as sires of sons, Leko (No.17, RZM 126, RZE 119) and Lonar (No.44) remain constant. This is not that exciting for Leko as he does not yet have new daughters. In contrast, Lonar got lots of new second crop daughters (+114 to 385) and, therefore, a stable RZM 114 and RZE 125 are very satisfying. There is only a small minus for RZS, but at a high level (RZS 119, -3).

Omatido (No.20, RZM 128, RZE 114), Minos (No.25, RZM 130, RZE 103) and Sesterz (No.38, RZM 124, RZE 113) have unchanged daughters and remain constant in the Top-50.

Elenus (No.50, RZM 127, RZE 106) remains one of the few usable Encino sons.

Biarritz (No.79, RZM 127, RZE 122) remains the best of the many Buckeye sons, especially as he still is one of the sons with RZM and RZE above 120.

After wide deviations between the first proof runs, the other Shottle sons are stable this time: Short Cut (No.84, RZM 117, RZE 121), Shulan (No.110, RZM 124, RZE 114), Sherlock (No.186, RZM 115, RZE 118), Snooker RC (RZM 112, RZE 102).

Bolto improves RZM by 2 points (No.89, RZM 120, RZE 116). It was not so good for another Bolton son and newcomer last time: Bianco. He loses 4 RZM points to 119 and 7 RZE points to 116 with 72 daughters (No.129).

It did not go much better for the Baxter son Baxonato who, compared to his debut, dropped by 4 RZM points and 5 RZE points to 117 and 115 (No.179 now). The already mentioned Watha son, Warner (No.99, RZM 124, -2; RZE 117, +5) and Zentall (No.183, RZM 108, -6; RZE 112, +4) did better here.

Brigade goes up for longevity to RZN 105 with daughters in third lactation (No.121, RZM 123, RZE 122).

Manur remains constant with 191 daughters (No.135, RZM 119, RZE 110).

The early Roumare son, Reuter, slightly decreases for production with consistently good conformation (No.202, RZM 112, RZE 122).

Toylord is one of the very few, out of a total of 150 Toystory sons tested in Germany, that made it to second crop (RZM 108, RZE 105).


Reliability of 99 %

Stylist (No.27, 33,199 daughters) and Jardin (No.105, 15,849 daughters) now have their first high ranking sons (please see above), but are still used widely themselves. Eminem (6,200 daughters, No.81, RZM 118, RZE 112), Leif (22,129 daughters, No.198, RZM 107, RZE 107) and Zabing RC (13,179 daughters, RZM 99, RZE 125) remain quite constant. The conformation specialist Alliance (RZE 132) now has 6,604 daughters, almost half of which are housed abroad, and is somewhat lower for production (RZM 94, -2). Titanic son Tilo (No.275), who is heavily used in Germany, triples his daughters to 3,383 and goes up for production to RZM 109 with unchanged RZE 122 (base shift).



Red Holstein

There are lots of new bulls among the Red Holsteins. Even four of them are in the Top-10.

Elwood is able to improve his top position (RZG 137).

The highest newcomer, Selono, is at No.2 with RZG 135. Selono is a Spencer out of Achtung who clearly gains for production to RZM 129 compared to his genomic figures. For conformation, he has RZE 99.

Very different is the second highest newcomer at No.3, Laron P. He was already massively used as a genomic polled sire and as a sire of sons. This Lawn Boy son out of Shottle and Durham does not disappoint with his first 19 daughters. He is absolutely constant for RZM (base shift) with 115 and the first 11 estimated daughters get him RZE 120 (-3). He is still very strong, especially for udder, with a slightly improved 124. Having RZS 115, RZN 124, RZR 112 as well as RZKm 110, he may pep up Red Holstein polled breeding, but he should not be used on heifers.

Tableau (No.4) gets his first second crop daughters to now number 266. His figures are pretty unchanged (RZM 121, RZE 117).

Tableau daughter Arabella (3rd lac.)

Another Lawn Boy son makes it into the Top-5: Levant. Regrettably, Levant is not polled, but he offers very good breeding values – RZM 128 and RZE 113 – that are almost unchanged compared to his genomic figures even though information from 95 daughters is included. Levant is one of the ten highest sires for milk yield of the breed with +2,138 kg and acceptable components (-0.11 % protein) as well as very good udders (120). Levant can be used on heifers.

Jerudo doubles his daughters to 2,626 and goes up by one point for production to RZM 121 with one point less RZE to 108.

The next bull at No.8 is the fourth newcomer in the Top-10 and the higher of the two first daughter proven Malvoy sons, Mallow. Mallow descends via Talent, Faber and Estimate from the Lieutenant sister of Stormatic and, therefore, from the Laurie Sheik family. He is a great sire for milk yield (+2,258 kg) with low components (-0.68 % fat, -0.20 % protein, RZM 122). Within the linear, the good feet and legs (118) as well as the rear udders stand out positively (RZE 117). The second Malvoy son, Melrose (DS: Salto RC), is at No.26 in the top list as well, but he is lower with RZE 106 and RZS 95 than Mallow.

La Crosse (RZM 132, RZE 107) and Serano complete the Top-10. Serano got his first 6 daughters from second crop, though they do not yet influence his figures with 300 daughters from the co-test in Germany and Denmark (RZM 120, RZE 102).


More new bulls

Carem at No.12 and Caramel at No.15 are two new interesting Carmano sons. Carem (dam: Colby-Red x Faber) is the better bull for conformation with RZE 121, especially because of his very good feet and legs. Production transmission is great (RZM 112) and the functional traits are completely positive. He cannot be recommended for use on heifers with RZKd 84. Caramel (dam: Modest x Lentini RC) is hardly second to his half brother for RZE with 117, especially not for linear. The Caramel daughters are very tall and dairy. Caramel transmits lots of milk (+1,685 kg, -0.61 % fat, -0.13 % protein, RZM 114). In service since the autumn as fitness specialist, Cando remains constant with 20 new daughters (No.19, RZM 106, RZE 109, RZS 113, RZN 122, RZR 116). His sire Carmano himself is still in the Top-20 with RZM 98, RZE 125, RZS 118, RZN 123 and RZR 122.

Lightway at No.21 is a late Lightning son (DS: Ronald) with 28 daughters so far. With a very solid linear (RZE 113), he transmits average milk yield (+638 kg) with high protein percentage (+0.18 %) as well as good udder health (RZS 118). Milkability, with RZD 87 should be kept in mind.

The first sons of Mr.Burns have now appeared. Mr Big who is new at No.36 is out of a excellent Canadian September and Lantz. He is by far the highest Mr.Burns son with RZE 128. The linear does not leave nothing to be desired, especially for feet and legs (126). With more than 1,000 kg milk, protein is neutral (RZM 111), but only 47 daughters are in milk to date.

Lexto at No.51 is another new Lawn Boy son, but not polled. He is the best so far of four sons for conformation with RZE 121 (12 daughters) and especially strong for udder transmission (126). In contrast, milk production is not his strength with RZM 103. Lexto, like Mallow, is out of the Laurie Sheik family, but via Talent, Rubens RC and Top Gun.

Finally, with Lawyer P at No.67, all early Lawn Boy sons rank in the top list. Even though he has a completely different maternal pedigree – Tribute x Celsius – to Lexto, almost all breeding values are very similar (RZM 102, RZS 106, RZN 107, RZR 107). The biggest difference – besides being polled – is conformation (RZE 113) although Lawyer P is a very good udder sire (123) as well. However, the so far 68 Lawyer daughters are late maturing with somewhat lower substance in the first calvers.

Finally, the first two Cole sons in the top list should be mentioned. With the same RZG 113, Colibri is at No.57, closely followed by Cugar at No.58. Colibri (RZM 105) descends via a EX 92 Jordan-Red and Lee from the Heavenly Joy family. Within RZE 115, the udders particularly stand out with 118. Cugar descends via September and Rubens RC from the Roxy family. He has solid conformation (RZE 116) with good udders (118) as well and transmits somewhat more production (RZM 107).


What else?

Emdaru at No.16 goes up by 2 RZM points to 124 with 21 new daughters (111 now) and remains, behind the list leader, the second highest of, in total, 51 daughter proven Elayo sons (RZE 116).

Among the younger bulls, Edway (Elayo x half sister of Liek) is very good with 124 daughters (No.27, RZM 105, RZE 126, RZS 123).

Edway daughter Mechthild

(No.39) has to face losses for both RZM (105, -3) and conformation (RZE 104, -3).

The following bulls with a second crop for a longer time, do not have new daughters and, therefore, show very stable figures: Kairo (No.23, RZM 120, RZE 108), Tapas (No.25, RZM 131, RZE 101), Taurus (No.29, RZM 118, RZE117), Liek (No.37, RZM 124, RZE 104), Castory (No.53, RZM 109, RZE 124) and Keel (No.65, RZM 108, RZE 128).

It is the moment of truth for Kiska (No.17), now with his first 57 new daughters. He is doing fine with really constant figures. RZM 117, RZE 109, RZS 113 (base shift).

Ruleto (No.24) has almost 1,000 daughters with his second crop breeding value and loses his 4 RZM points from December to now be 117. He remains quite stable for conformation, as he was in December (RZE 118).