Golden Way daughter group at the show “Hessens Zukunft 2013” on February 2nd 2013

Bull: Golden Way 636144 (Goldwyn x Shottle x Leadership)

5 daughters from the test period of the bull Golden Way were shown.

Golden Way

Dairy type:

The Golden Way daughters presented themselves with medium dairy type.


The medium-sized, very juvenile daughters convinced with lots of harmony, but showed somewhat less heart depth with medium body depth and average strength. The average wide rumps of adequate length are level sloped.

Feet and legs:

Golden Way’s daughters moved well on medium high hooves, very dry and clean feet & legs which varied a little regarding angle. Rear leg set is parallel as desired.


Udders excelled especially with their persistency and high udder floor, with fore udders of medium length. Rear udders were widely and adequately high attached. The group could convince also with good teat length with somewhat wider fore teat placement.

Golden Way is a bull to be used to improve udder volume, udder health and longevity.

Inspected by:
Dr E. Busemann (VOSt), B. Emme (WEU), F. Rottmann (GGI)