Baxonato daughter group at the show “Hessens Zukunft 2013” on February 2nd 2013

Bull: Baxonato 840920 (Baxter2 x Titanic x Addison)

5 daughters from the test period of the bull Baxonato were shown.


Dairy type:

The progeny presented itself with average dairy type and nice harmony.


The medium-sized daughters showed a somewhat smoother top line, average body depth and good strength. The mainly wide and long rumps tend to be level sloped.

Feet and legs:

The dry and clean feet and legs with slightly more substance have a parallel set and desired angle. Baxonato daughters have high and closed hooves. Locomotion excelled.


Udders reflected the good will to milk of the Baxonato daughters. Rear attachment is of medium height and adequate width. Udders showed a strong suspensory ligament. They had functional udders with enough length in the fore udder as well as somewhat wider teat placement and average teat length.  

Baxonato is a bull that can breed functional, productive cows.

Inspected by:
Dr E. Busemann (VOSt), B. Emme (WEU), F. Rottmann (GGI)