Biarritz daughter group at the show “WEU-Konvent 2012“ on January 12th 2012

Bull: Biarritz 330891 (Buckeye x Morty x Donor)

6 daughters, with lots of capacity, of the bull Biarritz from the test period were shown.

Dairy type:

The group presented itself with average dairy type.


The well-developed Biarritz daughters had lots of frame with good strength and adequate body depth with somewhat rounder ribs. They showed correctly sloped, medium-wide rumps.
Feet and legs:

The group moved on parallel set feet and legs with stronger hocks whereas rear leg set varied, however, seemed better than described in the linear. The Biarritz daughters showed fluent locomotion on closed hooves.


The functional udders reflected the high will to milk of the Biarritz daughters. Rear udders were attached highly and clearly above average, adequately wide and were carried by a good suspensory ligament. Regarding fore udders, the group varied in persistency and length whereas teat placement was somewhat wider. Teat placement in the rear is as desired. Udders convinced with their good texture.  

Biarritz is a bull to improve body and milk production.

Inspected by:
I. Schnoor (RSH), Dr E. Busemann (VOSt), F. Rottmann (GGI)