August breeding values for the first time with genomic information

In August 2010, genomically supported breeding values for Holsteins and Red Holsteins are official for the first time. The figures for daughter proven and only genomically proven bulls are made in separate lists. Among the daughter proven bulls, the first high Goldwin and Shottle-sons are in the spotlight.
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As almost all daughter proven bulls have now also been genomically tested, the official breeding values of those bulls also contain genomic information; this is expressed by a “g” before the breeding value source. The genomic information, however, has little influence on the breeding value as they have very reliable, conventional breeding values. The combined, official breeding value is influenced more strongly by genomics in new bulls whose daughter numbers and typical reliability are still limited. Using this combination, the reliability, for example of RZM of new bulls is now nominally above 90%. The genomic evaluation system of vit (German Data centre) has been officially approved by ICAR/Interbull as one of the first in the world. Interbull, however, still converts only conventional breeding values by using MACE. The order of the new German daughter proven bulls according to Interbull breeding values in the lists of other countries can therefore differ from the German order.


The list is now led by the O-Man-son Snowman, a super sampler who was also used in The Netherlands and Czech Republic. However, he is dead and not available anymore.
The highest, available bulls remain Mascol at No.2 and Gibor at No.3 with unchanged figures and almost 20,000 and 15,000 daughters respectively.
ALH Duke is the highest newcomer at No.4 with outstanding figures for conformation as an O-Man-son (RZE 129; MV Durham). The full brother ALH Dakota from The Netherlands ranks even higher.
3 more interesting newcomers follow. The highest at No.5 is the Laudan-son Leko. He descends from an Italian Jocko-daughter whose pedigree includes Mtoto and he transmits lots of milk with neutral protein (RZM 125). Within his very good overall figures for conformation (RZE124), his feet&legs (127) and the well-attached udders with wide rear udders stand out. The medium-sized Leko-daughters have more body (107) than his sire Laudan, but they inherit his very good udder health (RZS 117).
Gandolf at No.6 is the highest Goldwin-son. He also shows very balanced high values with RZM 127, RZE 122 and RZS 112. He clearly transmits positive components with 1,060kg milk (+0.13% F; +0.11% P). The linear does not have any weaknesses and excels for the udder traits (dam Manat x Rudolph).
It may be really difficult for Angelo at No.7 to get a widespread second crop as an O-Man (from BW Marshall x Rudolph) with a flood of half brothers.
Omega (No.8), an O-Man newcomer in April with average conformation, the well-known Wizzard (No.9) and Ramos (No.10) complete the Top-10.


More new bulls

The line-up of new bulls is continued outside the Top-10 by the Ramos-son Risto (No.11; RZE 101) and O-man son Omajo (No.13; RZE 102). Orakel (No.16) may also stand a limited chance with RZE 111 as another new O-Man from the second crop.
Mercury at No.24 attracts attention as one of the first Mascol-sons.
Finally, Omatido (No.25) is the tenth newcomer in the Top-25. He is another O-Man but this time from an Italian EX91 Aaron, and Wade is included in the pedigree. Besides the typical O-Man strengths in the functional traits, he transmits an extreme protein fat ratio (-0.16% F, +0.19% P; RZM 123). He can at least compete with many of his half brothers with regard to conformation with an udder score of 109 (RZE 113).


Scaloni is the second highest Shottle-son at No.28 and better for conformation with RZE 118. He descends from a BW Marshall-daughter imported as embryo from the US to Italy and his pedigree also includes Lord Lily. Scaloni breeds good, well-attached udders with lots of milk (RZM 126).
Showtime (No.32) shows the conformation you would expect from a Shottle-son with RZE 129. The linear shows the Showtime-daughters as tall, with lots of capacity and outstanding udders. Udder health is also good with RZS 113. Showtime descends from a Brett-sister of Angelo (at No.7) on the dam’s side, so from the same American Rudolph grand dam Henkenseen Rud Heidi EX90.
Goldwin-son Garrelt at No.38 has a pure East Friesian, maternal pedigree with dam’s sire Lentini and also Match. Garrelt excels with highly positive protein percentages (+0.24; RZM 118). The linear does not show any faults (RZE 115) and cell score is very low (RZS 123). Moreover, Garrelt can be used on heifers.



There are also some newcomers outside the Top-50 who can hope for second crop daughters.
Of the O-man sons, it is Omgen (No.57) and Vurano (No.58). Omgen descends from the obviously successful combination with Aaron. He is better for conformation with RZE 121 (Udder 117) than most of his half brothers and also in his favor is his clearly positive protein (+0.10%; RZM 118). Vurano’s pedigree includes Steven and Lord Lily in the maternal pedigree and he has a similar conformation level with RZE 120.
None of the many other Shottle-sons have so far reached their sire’s conformation level (RZE 139). The best are Sherry with RZE 125 (No.201; RZM 114, G.S. Manat), Sorbe (No.238; RZM 107, G.S. Durham), Lyons (No.97; RZM 121, G.S. BW Marshall), Samburu (No.64; RZM 118, G.S. Jesther), Seramis (No.209; RZM 114, G.S. Jocko Besne) and Showboy (No.211; RZM 109, G.S. Ford). Sedan (RZG 120; dam Forbidden x Dennis) stands out with RZE 131 and positive components (RZM 111) of those outside the top list.
There are only a few Goldwin-sons with daughter breeding values. Among them, apart from the already mentioned Garrelt in the Top-50, there is an absolutely top conformation sire with RZE 138 at No.110: Van Gogh. On the maternal side, Van Gogh descends from Rudolph and Lee. As well as very good feet & legs (122), Van Gogh breeds outstanding, very high attached udders (135). Van Gogh is only average for production with +601 kg milk (RZM 101), but udder health is excellent with RZS 127. Another Goldwin-son with high RZE (126) is Godin at No.273 (RZM 108). Besides very good udders (123) he particularly breeds size and capacity. He descends via BW Marshall from the well-known Patron-daughter Regancrest Debbi-Jo.
The Titanic-sons, NOG Tavern (No.142), Tranquilo (No.143) and Toscano (No.271) are new and also interesting. NOG Tavern descends via Jocko Besne from the highest Lukas-daughter from the test period. Tavern-daughters are medium-sized with very good feet & legs (124, RZE 120). Furthermore his daughters have a low cell score (RZS 118).

Tranquilo-daughters, with the same RZE of 120, are very tall and dairy (dam Durham x Emory). Tranquilo transmits lots of milk (+1,883kg, RZM 125). Finally, Toscano is the highest of this trio for conformation (RZE 129). The linear is balanced and very good for all traits. He descends from Canada and his maternal pedigree includes Champion and Formation (RZM 112).
NOG Macau at No.155 is the highest of the first Manager-sons (dam Emerson x Aerostar). He is an absolute all-rounder with RZM 112, RZE 119 and RZS 117.
Tartani (No.282) is one of the first tested Tresor-sons. Jocko Besne is also on his maternal side, but this time from an Italian Mtoto. He will attract interest with RZE 122 and +1,354kg milk (RZM 119).




Proven BullsThe figures of the second crop bulls who already have lots of daughters, hardly change: Mascol, Gibor, Jardin, Laudan, Janosch, Leif, Emil II, Monami and NOG Salem.
The moment of truth comes for some heavily used bulls this time. Stylist gets 337 new daughters and stays in the Top-100 (RZM 129, -3; RZE 122, -4).
Juwel’s RZM is constant at 116 despite having his first 46 new daughters (RZE 119, -2).
Eleve stays almost constant with 57 additional daughters to now have a total of 213. He drops by 2 points for RZM (115) and 3 points for RZE (132).
Jelder almost doubles his daughters to 225 and loses for conformation (RZE 126, -7).
We await the second crop daughters of Alliance but the first 49 keep his RZE high at 138.




There are contrasts when it comes to bulls with only test daughters so far. Lonar somehow lost for production (RZM 112, -7), but he gained for conformation (RZE 131, +2). Raik (RZM 118, -9; RZE 110, -1), Aspen (RZM 118, -5; RZE 118, ±0) and Tequila RF (RZM 102, -8; RZE 122, -1) lost points. Some bulls lose as they have daughters in 2nd lactation and therefore for the first time direct longevity information of the daughters and due to the use of genomic information, the following bulls lose: Radon -11 to RZN 111 (RZM 124, RZE 114), Omjet -7 to RZN 105 (RZM 126, RZE 107), Truman -10 to RZN 113 (RZM 112, RZE 128), Ombis -11 to 103 RZN (RZM 119, RZE 105), Omro -17 to RZN 103 (RZM 118, RZE 112) as well as Mirror -8 to RZN 101 (RZM 102, RZE 130). Among the Lancelot-sons, Lanon stays about the same in all fields with his daughters in 2nd lactation (RZG 127, -3) and Label loses 3 RZM points to 128. Budist falls slightly in almost all fields (RZG 124, -3), as well as Sascha (RZG 123, -3) and Strobel (RZG 116, -3; RZE 124, -3). Cassano loses for daughter fertility and RZN (RZG 124, -5).
Rotary (RZG 132, +2) improves due to better udder health (RZS 131) and longevity (RZN 125, +5). Anglo gained +4 RZM points to 126 (RZG 130). Tiramisu gains one RZM point to 131 (RZE 123). Elite improves for RZE (117, +3) and longevity (RZN 110 +5). Tilo’s daughters prove to be more long lasting than predicted (RZN 111, +3) and he also gains one point for conformation (RZE 132, +1). The same is true for Zenjo (RZN 115, +2; RZE 119, +1) who also improves daughter fertility by 6 points. Sallas increased his RZN to 117 (+3), his RZE slightly to 133 (+1) as well as RZS (117, +1).
Eminem (RZG 132), Charts (RZE 126) and Zabing (RZE 138) are constant.



Red Holstein


Tocar has become the leader at the top of the Red Holstein list due to slight increases for conformation (RZE 109, +2), cell score (RZS 100, +1), longevity (112, +2) and daughter fertility (RZR 91, +2; RZG 136, RZM 138).
The former leader, Jerudo, is now at No.3 (RZM 123, RZE 120, RZS 118, RZN 112, RZR 112).
In between, the highest newcomer, Maximo-Red, entered at No.2. The Marmax-son from Ricecrest Marshall transmits lots of production with RZM 141, but he is not quite so impressive for either conformation (RZE 113) or, more especially, feet & legs (99).
Malvoy increases by three RZM points to 128 because of 9 early daughters from second crop and with unchanged conformation (RZE 115), he climbs to No.4 in the Top-5.
Kian-son Kairo has RZG 129 and is unchanged and at No.5 (RZM 128, RZE 120).
A real winner of this proof run is the Talent-son Tableau (No.6) who slightly increases for RZM (117) and RZE (126) but especially for longevity to 122 (+7).
Carmano at No.7 almost doubles his daughters to 3,427 and has an unchanged RZE 132.
Two high newcomers follow: Luango and Tapas. Luango is a son of the Canadian Rudolph-son Luigi RF of Champion x Formation. He transmits lots of milk with +1,796kg (RZM 125) and good udder health (RZS 111). The linear does not show any weaknesses, but also no special strengths (RZE 110).
The Talent-son, Tapas, is stronger here with RZE 117 and neither does he take second place to Luango for production transmission (+1,886, RZM 126). Tapas descends from the well-known Dutch Massia 20 on the dam’s side (s. Lentini RF).
The Top-10 is completed by Luizu who remains constant, but too weak with 92 for udder transmission to be widely used.




More new bulls


Westpoint enters outside the Top-10 at No.13. The sire Westwind RF is a Wade-son known for being strong in conformation but with low production. The dam is a Kian x Rudolph. Westpoint transmits positive components (+0.18% F, +0.14% P) with low 200kg milk (RZM 106). The compact Westpoint-daughters have good feet&legs (114) and udders (117) with RZE 116. He is strong in the functional traits with RZS 118 and daughter fertility 120.
Tonikum (new at No.20; Talent x Rubens-Red x Clifhanger.) excels with outstanding udders (130) within a very good overall conformation (RZE 126). Additionally, he is interesting due to +0.13% protein with very good protein fat ratio (RZM 109). Tonikum’s breeding values are just based on a few daughters, but his breeding value for production already has a reliability of 94% because of genomic information.
More new Talent-sons are Talero (No.47) and Stanislav (No.66). Talero may attract lots of interest with RZE 133 and RZM 111 (+0.02% protein). The highlight of the outstanding linear – as for Tonikum – is udders (133). Talero descends from a Belgian Addison-daughter and the pedigree also includes Sparta RF.
Stanislav was not only born in Canada, but is also pure Canadian breeding with Inquirer x Leadership on the dam’s side. He shows solid all-round figures with RZM 111 and RZE 117 (Udder 122).
Markin (No.33), Megalon (No.57) and Maintop (No.59) are more new sons of Marmax RF. Markin (dam Stoll x Laredo) has very balanced figures (RZM 114). The linear is clearly better than the RZE of 109 may suggest at first sight. Megalon (dam Faber x Clifhanger) transmits lots of production (RZM 121) and solid conformation (RZE 114). Maintop (dam Tugolo x Patron) has a similar level for overall conformation (RZE 115), but he breeds less substance with better udders (119) as well as somewhat low protein percentages (RZM 108).
Sero at No.54 is a September-son of Paradox with good all-round figures (RZM 115, RZE 118, RZS 112).
Rendito is a new Reno-son (of Stadel x Tonic) with only a few daughters included in the genomically supported breeding value. The figures prove him as a solid conformation bull (RZE 119) with good production (RZM 113).
Lumato is one of the first of the few Ludox-sons. He also shows solid conformation values (RZE 115) with average milk yield (RZM 107).
Keel may be interesting though he is outside the top list. This Komtur-son, descending from an American Winchester-daughter, impresses with RZE 124 and his feet & legs deserve particular mention (126). Production is also good with RZM 114.




Proven Bulls


Stabilo gets second crop daughters for the first time (+38 to 136 daughters). His breeding values stay very constant (No.32; RZM 115, -1; RZE 114, -1).
The figures hardly change for Ludox (5,980 daughters), Laurel (12,428 daughters), Bravisi (3,393 daughters) and Rustler (15,009 daughters). Laurel is now the highest bull according to RZFit.
Among the newcomers in April, September-son Serano could not completely maintain his production and conformation level (No.12; RZM 120, -3; RZE 110, -5).
Seoul – also a September son – would rank in the Top-25 with RZG 122 but, at present, he only has daughters in Denmark (121). Through the genomic information included in the combined gZW, he now has more than 90% reliability for production (RZM 116) and conformation (RZE 117).

Albany (Jordan-Red x Storm), who was also new on the selling list in April, cannot completely maintain his production level (RZM 114, -4), but he increases for conformation (RZE 114, +3).
As a result of lower longevity of daughters in 2nd lactation, the following bulls lose: Sabiner (No.24; RZN 101, -11), Kanzler (No.42; RZN 102, -7) and Vincente (No.75; RZN 101, -7).
Kiska (No.14, RZM 120, RZE 116), Tiscali (No.49; RZM 112, RZE 120) and Lypoll P (RZM 107, RZE 123) are constant.
Ruacana (No.18; RZM 116, +1; RZE 129, -1; RZN 109, +7), Pandora (No.23; RZM 123, +1; RZE 112, +2), Taurus (No.35; RZM 113, +2; RZE 126, +1; RZN 115, +3) and Ruleto (No.55; RZM 112, ±0, RZE 125, +2; RZS 101, +4) have all made gains.

Aval is the winner of this proof run with 7 RZG points. He gains in all traits with additional daughters (now 95), even increasing his already outstanding RZE (130, +3).