Big show and great success for German Holsteins

The All-European Championship 2006

For the first time, the European Holstein Show took place in Germany, and, coinciding with the soccer world championship, it was a festival of friends in the Weser-Ems halls in Oldenburg on the 1st of June.

Germany, France and Switzerland were the most successful countries in the 13 individual show classes of Holsteins and Red Holsteins Germany demonstrated its strength with an absolute dominance of quality and quantity in the international daughter group presentation, showing the broad base of quality cattle throughout the population and not just in some top show herds.

Daughter group presentation
Nine daughter groups were presented, seven of them from Germany. The show opened with the daughters of the Danish VAR Calano, followed by the only red group: daughters of Faber in 2nd lactation. As in 2004 in Brussels with Cadon, the red group was the best of all the daughter groups. The Faber daughters convinced everybody with their fantastic wide and well-attached udders with excellent texture and their balanced bodies . Perfect locomotion and nicely sloped rumps demonstrated that Faber not only can give top show cows, but in the first instance, functional working cows that are a pleasure to work with every day.
There was only one Holstein group that could match the Faber daughters, the group of Juote daughters. They showed a uniformity that is seldom seen. The Juote's have an enormous maturing potential and now in 2nd lactation, they showed a lot of capacity in combination with perfect harmony in shoulders, topline and rump. The udders excel in texture and are wide and shallow.
Ticket presented a very good group as well. The Ticket daughters are eye catchers because of their spotted white colour and their excellent type, combining stature, dairyness and capacity, with show appeal. This Airliner son can certainly breed great show cows.
Strunz with best feet&legs and Ramos, with young 1st lactation daughters ,had very solid groups. The daughters of Lancelot had to be selected from the first bunch of 2nd crop daughters and they lacked uniformity.

Individual show case
The European champions were chosen from the 8 Holstein and 5 Red Holstein classes by Tom Kelly from Ireland and Eric Hansen from Denmark. They did a fantastic job, being applauded several times by the 5000 spectators including many supporters from the 11 participating countries.
In the Holstein classes, France was most successful with 3 class winners and 2 second places. Germany and Switzerland followed with 2 first and 2 second places.
Outside Kora from Batke Farms, Visbek (Germany) who had previously won the youngest heifer class, became Junior Champion. Despite her youth, she showed tremendous frame and dairy strength.

In the intermediate classes, Morandale Kite Bretagne from Francois Morand & CH. Dupasquier (Switzerland) was the dominant cow in her 2nd lactation. Tom Kelly honoured her as currently one of the best young cows in the world. So it was no shame for Boss Iron Orchidee from Dirk Schmüser, Granzin (Germany) to become 'just' Reserve Champion. Orchidee's dam is a Preval daughter.
As well as these titles, there were some more remarkable placings for German cows, in particular, for the two daughters of the international cow of the year 2003, Tarona. Both ranked second in their class, Igniter Esmeralda in the 2-year-olds and Igniter Cinderella in the 3-year-olds classes.
France's moment came in the mature cow classes with the Champion and Reserve Champion. Dombinator Ninon from Earl Follezou, Plevin (France) won even though she is the second oldest cow.
After her clear success in the intermediate classes, it was no surprise that the Grand Championship for Holsteins went to Morandale Kite Bretagne.

Red Holstein
The Senior Champion Morandale Pickel Chicoutimi, became the Grand Champion for Red Holsteins. Thus, the two Grand Champions were bred and owned by Francois Morand, Vuadens (Switzerland): a unique success.
The Reserve Champion of mature cows was Faber Leonie from Berthold Kandels, Auw (Germany). Leonie's dam is a Trailor daughter and she had impressive strength. Judge of her class, Eric Hansen, mentioned her feet&legs and locomotion.
The title of Young Cow Champion was won by the second calver, Sunnibel Kite Nirvana of Andrey & Sudan Ass. (Switzerland). As there was only one big class of 2-year-olds, there was no separate Red Junior Champion. Poncetaz Faber Maline of Andre Bachelard, Le Lieu (Switzerland), with her fantastic udder and feet&legs, won this class.