Bonatus is dead

A bull which is automatically  related to German breeding and well-known not only in Germany died in December. Last year in September Bonatus turned 12.

Being very old and because of the large number of first inseminations he was something special in Germany, but he was also highly appreciated in many other countries. Bonatus was used successfully as an A.I. bull in more than 40 countries.

 All in all about 820,000 doses of Bonatus´ semen have been sold. During the years 1997-1999 Bonatus achieved the highest number of first inseminations in Germany and ranked second in 2000. There are more than 73,000 daughters registered alone in the German Sire Proofs.  10837 daughters have been linear described and with 129 points in RZE Bonatus belongs to the worlds best transmitters for conformation. Bonatus has always guaranteed functional, robust and productive cows with an excellent conformation. A lot of Bonatus-daughters left the show ring as champion and the number of daughters which are classified "excellent" is increasing day by day.
Bonatus has been used as sire of sons. With the Bonatus-son Blauer there is a successful bull, which is following his father's footsteps.