Largest herd book population worldwide

More than 1.7 million Holsteins and almost 150,000 Red Holsteins are registered in the herd book in Germany. With those figures, Germany has the largest herd book population worldwide. Moreover, Germany has approx. 3,800 Red & White dual-purpose (DN) cows within the scope of an independent breeding program and individual breeding value estimation.

Very high level of milk recording

2.1 million Holsteins and 231,000 Red Holsteins are controlled by independent milk recording (2017). With 90 % of cattle being milk recorded, it is a very important factor in successful breeding programs, and is higher than in any other country in the world.

Different production conditions

Herd size, herd management, and environmental conditions differ greatly between the various regions of Germany and make great demands on dairy cows. There are both family farms with less than 100 dairy cows as well as very large production farms with several thousand head of cattle.

Large number of test bulls

Approx. 12,000 male candidates were tested within the scope of genomic selection in 2014. About 450 of these were selected for breeding programs. A selection ratio of 1:40 is the result of this.

In Germany cows with more than 100,000 kg lifetime production are no rarity.

In the year 2017 the following average production of the herd book population was achieved (source: “milchrind” magazine issue 1/2018):



Milk kg

Fat %

Fat kg

Protein %

Protein kg

Black & white







Red & white







Red & white

dual-purpose (DN)







Sire catalogue 2018/2019

GGI-SPERMEX GmbH – Your first source of top-class genetics for your cows!

Merged from the two largest German export organizations GGI German Genetics International GmbH and SPERMEX GmbH, the new company GGI-SPERMEX GmbH started its operational business on July 1st 2018 and represents 13 German breeding and A.I. organizations at the international market for cattle genetics.

After the merger into GGI-SPERMEX GmbH both offices in Northern and Southern Germany will stay operational. GGI-SPERMEX is offering a unique product line from across Germany including experience, know-how and a wide range of genetics generated from the world’s largest breeding populations.
This results in a unique portfolio including – besides the key breeds Holstein, Red Holstein, German Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss – more than 20 further dairy and beef cattle breeds, i.e. Angler, Jersey, several dual purpose and beef breeds. In co-operation with our international partners, GGI-SPERMEX offers breeders worldwide access to the entire potential of German cattle breeding.

The German breeding philosophy is clearly reflected in GGI-SPERMEX’s product range. This includes high milk production with good components, good conformation with excellent feet & legs and functional, healthy udders as well as high fertility and good longevity. The aim is an efficient, healthy, trouble-free cow with high production over many lactations under a variety of housing conditions.

GGI-SPERMEX proudly presents the new 2018 Holstein and Red Holstein catalogue. If you are looking for German Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss, a separate catalogue for these breeds is available through GGI-SPERMEX as well. Please contact GGI-SPERMEX or our international partners for local service.

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