Sirius daughter group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2018” on March 14th 2018

Bull: Sirius 151568 (Shan x Robust x Ramos)

VOSt presented a second daughter group of the Shan son Sirius who descends via the Robust daughter Larcrest Chantix from the famous Larcrest Crimson and, therefore, directly out of the famous Cosmopolitan family. A group of seven heifers of this currently genomic tested sire was shown.


Dairy type:

The group presented itself well-developed with average dairy type.


The animals were well-developed corresponding to their age and showed adequate capacity as well as depth and width in the fore hand. When standing, their rumps were slightly sloped. Thurl position should be kept in mind though.

Feet and legs:

Rear leg set was parallel and showed optimal angle enabling good locomotion of the animals.


Udders were highly and widely attached and were carried by a strong suspensory ligament. Teats were placed optimally under the quarters.

We are eagerly awaiting the first daughter proven breeding value of Sirius after Easter in April.

Sirius daughter group at the show “Excellent-Schau 2018”