Petisso daughter group at the RUW Heifer Show 2018 on March 17th 2018

Bull: Petisso 917532 (Perfect Aiko x Elburn x Carmano)

Petisso was raised on the famous breeding farm Köster, Steinfurt, and descends from the T family housed there. The young Perfect Aiko son still has genomic breeding values and we are curious of the first daughter proven breeding value in August. The audience in Fließem was presented with a promising group of six calved heifers.


Dairy type:

The six animals in the ring had good dairy type and were stylish.


With harmony for conformation, good depth and width the young cows presented themselves in front of the audience. Rumps were of good width and mostly level to sloped.

Feet and legs:

Rear legs were parallel set. Feet and legs had very good bone quality, dry hocks and good hoves enabling very good locomotion.


The package is completed by firmly and widely attached udders with strong suspensory ligament.

Besides very good conformation, Petisso also promises an absolute good milk production. Therefore we are even more curious of his first daughter proven breeding value to be published in August.

Petisso daughter group at the RUW Heifer Show 2018