Bull of the month December 2017: Cato 811580

Citizen x Tribune x Meridian

09:19Leeftijd: 1 year
Categorie: Bulle des Monats

We would like to introduce Cato as last bull in 2017. The Black & White young sire ranks not that high in the top list. However, when having a closer look at him, Cato offers lots of good characteristics.

The Citizen son having the further sire line-up Tribune x Meridian x Goldwyn x Outside x Storm descends from deep, Canadian cow family strong for conformation having several generations of cows classified excellent.

Cato’s breeding values are very balanced and prove him as all-rounder. He combines good milk production and positive components with almost faultless linear. He promises dairy progeny with correct feet and legs, firmly attached udders and fluent locomotion. You do not have to make compromises regarding Cato’s functionality: His breeding values promise cows with healthy udders and longevity. Therefore, he has a good fitness breeding value. Moreover, he transmits the much sought-after Beta Casein A2/A2.

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