Mascol daughter reached lifetime production of 100,000 kg

Mascol daughter Alana RF owned by Hedra Holsteins, Netherlands, reached a lifetime production of 100 tons by the end of April 2017.

Mascol daughter Alana RF (4th lac.)

Alana is another daughter of her sire that has produced 100,000 kg milk in her career. Due to great longevity and strong production transmitted by Mascol, certainly many will follow her. Being the oldest cow in the barn of her owners Arjen and Eef Vernooij, Alana is still agile and vital in her 6th lactation. She was classified EX 90 and is still presented successfully on shows. In March 2017, she achieved the 1b rank in the category of old cows at the UFF winter show in Houten, Netherlands.

Mascol (Mtoto x Rudolph) born in 2000 had been one of the highest daughter proven bulls by RZG his entire life. Moreover, he had never been outside the Top-10 until he passed away in 2012. He was popular worldwide by his trouble-free, willing to milk daughters so that his breeding value includes over 46,000 daughters. He was in international, high demand as sire of sons as well and he bred many successful sons like NOG Mato who made it to second crop.

We congratulate Alana’s breeders and owners on this milestone and wish all the best with Genetics made in Germany in future!