DHV genetics auction 2017

On the eve of the German Holstein Show 2017, numerous visitors from Germany and abroad met in the EWE arena in order to attend the DHV genetics auction and buy one or another top-class offer.

Bolt RF daughters successful in the Netherlands

Bolt RF is still in the official list of the genomic bulls.

Long-lasting and highly efficient daughters in the Netherlands

Mascol daughter Alana reached a lifetime production of 100,000 kg milk in the Netherlands a few weeks ago.

Progeny presentation at the DHV Show 2017

As already mentioned in our show report, not only the old and young show divas had their stage to present themselves at the German Holstein Show in Oldenburg. Eight progeny groups of recent and popular sires where shown. We would...

German Holstein Show 2017

The German Holstein Show took place in Oldenburg last week from June 14th to 15th 2017.

Progeny groups at the German Holstein Show 2017

The German Holstein Show will take place soon in Oldenburg on June 14th and 15th 2017.

Great daughter was most expensive animal at the GenHotel Selection sale

Great daughter K&L GT Aderyn Red was sold for the daily maximum price of 25,000 € at the 24th edition of the GenHotel Selection sale.