Bravos daughters on occasion of a progeny inspection tour by RinderAllianz on November 22nd and 23rd 2018

Bull: Bravos 823114 (Boss x Freddie x Shottle)

10 first calvers of the bull Bravos were presented on occasion of a progeny inspection tour in the breeding area of RinderAllianz.


Dairy type:

The very uniform daughters presented themselves with somewhat less dairy type which was emphasized by rounder withers and less length in the neck area.


Having medium frame the animals especially scored with lots of width in the fore hand and good body depth. The rumps were well-sloped and width was clearly above average.

Feet and legs:

Feet and legs had somewhat more bone substance, but were rock-solid and dry. They tended to have somewhat more angle which should be kept in mind when mating.


The well-textured udders could have had partly somewhat more height regarding depth, but they convinced anyway. They were long in the fore udder and rear udder height was clearly above average. The suspensory ligament varied a little, but was well-distinctive. Fore teat placement is optimal while it seemed to be a little tighter in the rear.

Summing up Bravos excelled with compact daughters that easily produce high yields. As the fore udders are very long they seemed to have more capacity at first sight which has to be kept in mind when mating. This bull is able to breed more than just a good production cow.