Bull of the month June 2018: Gonzales 587546

Great x Brekem x Alchemy

14:58Age: 350 days
Category: Bulle des Monats

In June we would like to introduce to you Gonzales, a red bull from the famous Glen Drummond Splendor family. His sire, Great, is a popular, German genomic bull. Not only his sire, but also his dam were raised in Germany and sold to a breeder from Denmark for the maximum price of the day of 26,000 € at the DHV genetics auction on the eve of the German Holstein Show 2015.

Gonzales himself shines with a functional breeding value profile combined with good milk production and highly positive components. Having a rather unremarkable linear, especially udders stand out and the breeding values for the functional traits like udder health and longevity are highly positive, too.

It is also very pleasing that Gonzales is a heifer bull and promises easy calving.

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