Gibor – 100,000 liters for the second time

He was one of the biggest stars of his day and does not have to hide nowadays neither – Gibor.

Gibor daughter Bles 27 (9th lac.)

The fitness specialist was in very high demand in Germany and abroad and so it is not surprising that numerous of his daughters produced more than 100,000 liters. Having more than 46,000 daughters, he still has RZG 125 and shows clearly positive breeding values for the secondary traits.

Bles 27 in Holland, the second Gibor daughter now, has reached 100 tons of milk and is the first Gibor daughter raised and born in Holland that achieved this.

During her 9th lactation, Bles 27 exceeded the limit of 100,000 liters. Her 305 days production is 11,998 kg milk with 4.21 % fat and 3.32 % protein, a current lifetime production of 100,747 kg milk with 4.31 % fat and 3.32 % protein. Family de Wit in Hellevoetsluis is the breeder and owner. They are more than just satisfied with their Gibor daughter out of a Trailor x Lava dam. As a heifer she always had very unremarkable conformation, but she always had developed herself further really well. She has lots of character and has always been fit and healthy until today. Moreover, she already contributed four daughters to her owner’s herd, which all have the same high production predisposition.

Gibor daughter Bles 27 as heifer

The daughters, one of Snooker, two of Leif and one of Xmas, are all clearly above herd average. Bles 34 (s. Leif) in her 6th lactation has an estimated 305 days production of 13,754 kg milk with 4.75 % fat and 3.34 % protein.

We are very happy about such feedback and congratulate family de Wit on this great cow and her daughters. We hope that Bles 27 will be this fit and healthy in future, too!

Gibor daughter Bles 27 (3rd lac.)