First Jefferson daughter having more than 100,000 liters milk in Slovenia

Jefferson daughter Tisa owned by Slavko Studen from Zalog Pri Cerkljah is the first Jefferson daughter in Slovenia having reached the magical mark of 100,000 liters milk.

Jefferson daughter Tisa

Born in July 2008 Tisa realized a previous lifetime production of 100,250 kg milk in, believe it or not, six lactations with an average lactation production of 13,150 kg milk with 4.21 % fat and 3.26 % protein! As if this was not astonishing enough, Tisa contributed 10 calves in six lactations to her owner’s herd, four times twins.

We congratulate Slavko Studen, whose farm has had a leading position regarding average production since 2017, on this great achievement and wish all the best and pleasure with Tisa in future!