First-class genetics + top-class auction = Phenomenal result

A terrific special collection that is unmatched.

Seven Up

On the eve of the show “Zukunft Rind” our breeders and colleagues from Hess and Thuringia once again had the right instinct for top-class genetics and gathered a strong special collection. It was a unique premiere marking the start of the fusion Qnetics.

Customers from all over the world have met for years to inspect their favorites in the local barn before the auction and capture the latest impression before it gets serious.

One feature showing the quality of the selected animals is the amount of embryo contracts of more than 160,000 € concluded by national and international breeding organizations for promising animals of the future. However, as they say: It takes more than one swallow to make a summer. But even the severe critics cannot find fault with an average price of 6,675 € with 24 animals sold. Looking at the list of buyers: Many customers that had already bought in Alsfeld come back again. This trust is proved by the careers of former auction animals – lots of top-class bull dams and successful show divas.

A small attractive Fleckvieh collection has been established in the past few years. It was sold first. Imparativ daughter Evanna from the E family of the Hofmann barn was the absolute top-seller of this selection. After a thrilling bidder duel a breeder from Upper Bavaria bought this young cattle for impressive 27,000 €.

Among the Holsteins Gymnast daughter Alida out of Amalia (s. Supershot) was the absolute top-seller of the evening. Amalia is the full sister of our sires Seven Up and Selfie. Well-endowed with embryo contracts as well as excellent breeding values, Alida was highly sought-after, but Jochen Geisel was the most patient bidder and bought the young cattle for amazing 30,000 €.

She was followed by Pen-Col Mistral. Having high genomics and embryo contracts as well she was very much sought-after, too. She was sold for 27,000 € to the collective ownership of Tirsvad and Koole & Liebregts.

We congratulate all breeders, buyers and sellers as well as our partner Qnetics on this successful event and wish lots of success with Genetics Made in Germany in future!