Morgan daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018” on January 25th 2018

Bull: Morgan 804322 (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn)

The RinderAllianz in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, as partner of RSH, presented a daughter group of the Mogul son Morgan in Neumünster. Morgan is from the breeding area of RSH and so there was a special incident: His dam and full sister attended the single competition of the show.


Dairy type:

The young daughters were well-developed with medium frame as well as slightly different, rather medium dairy type.


Stature was very harmonic with average strength and good rumps.

Feet and legs:

The animals moved well on mainly dry and well-set feet and legs.


The highly attached udders had correctly placed teats and nice texture.

Morgan breeds medium-sized, productive and trouble-free dairy cows – which was proved by the daughter group shown. With his balanced conformation, completely positive fitness traits and highly positive components, Morgan is interesting as he, additionally, can be used on heifers.

Morgan daughter group at the show “Neumünster am Abend 2018”