Superman daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2017” on November 30th 2017

Bull: Superman 571867 (Supersire x O-Man x Shottle)

The Supersire son Superman descends via O-Man x Shottle x Boliver from the Danish part of the Honibee Hayden cow family housed in North America. On occasion of the new show “HolsteinVision – Kühe im Advent”, RinderAllianz presented a daughter group of five young heifers.


Dairy type:

The animals presented themselves with medium dairy type.


The heifers were well-developed. Having good capacity and width, they showed harmonic stature as well as sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

Parallel set and correctly angled feet and legs had dry hocks and good hooves. They enabled very good locomotion of the animals.


The firmly attached udders had a good suspensory ligament combined with correctly placed teats.

Superman is an all-round sire offering high production predisposition with positive components as well as a balanced linear with functional udders. He also excels with good figures for udder health and calving ease.