Macperl daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2017” on November 30th 2017

Bull: Macperl 823087 (McCutchen x Gerard x Shottle)

The McCutchen son Macperl having the further sire line-up VG 86 Gerard x EX 92 Shottle x EX 91 Outside x EX 91 Rudolf x EX 92 Leadman descends from the well-known Rabur Outside Pandora EX 91 family. On occasion of the new show “HolsteinVision – Kühe im Advent”, RinderAllianz had a world premiere with the daughter group of six juvenile heifers because Macperl is the first McCutchen worldwide to be represented by a progeny group.


Dairy type:

The juvenile animals presented themselves with good dairy type.


The heifers were well-developed and had good neck and shoulder sections. With good capacity and width they had harmonic stature with rather level sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

Faultless and dry feet & legs enabled very good locomotion of the animals.


High and firm rear udders impressed with a strong suspensory ligament and well-textured, long fore udders with good veining.

Macperl’s daughters did not only excel with their conformation, but also their production is worth to be mentioned as performances of 31 kg at the beginning of the lactation are not rare among them. He also scores for the functional traits like udder health, fertility and longevity. Moreover, he is a heifer bull that can be recommended for wide spread use.