Goldday daughter became heifer champion in the Netherlands

The 13th edition of the Frisian Holstein show took place in Oenkerk (NL) on October 26th 2017. It was a very successful day of the Goldday daughter Dace.

Goldday daughter Dace

In the second of three heifer classes, Dace asserted herself against Sophie 53 (s. Godewind) which was another great achievement for GGI bulls. When the final election in the age category was about to take place, Dace was among the heifers being really close to the title. So the very promising Goldday daughter – owned by Altenburg Holsteins – was finally able to capture the champion title.

Dace born in Germany was sold to her present owner from the Netherlands in the beginning of this year. She impressively proved her show qualities with this win a few months later.

We congratulate the owners of Dace and wish all the best in future.